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am - November 15

Hi I'm new here and I would like to ask if you might have had these syptoms and been pregnant, I have had a lot of saliva, tightness in my lower abdomen, some nausea, very gassy and bloated and some light headaches but I have been having some cramping could it be cause my period or did some of you out there had cramping but later found out it was pregnancy and not a period. I'm expecting my period any day now. Please Help


Julie - November 15

Hi Am, your symptoms sound like pregnancy. Especially the saliva, tightness, nausea, gas and headaches. The book I have said that crampiness is a very common symptom of pregnancy too, a lot like period cramps but the tightness you're describing sounds different. Good luck to you............


am - November 15

Thank you Julie you've eased my mind a bit I guess it's the waiting game for now.


E - November 15

I had the same cramps as a period with each of my pregnancys. It was stressful b/c I was sure my period was about to happen but thankfully it never arrived.


josie - November 15

Hi, I was due on my period 2 days ago now and I am having all the symtoms you are having apart from the nausea and my b___sts are aching and thay never have done before, My partner bought me a pragnancy test yestaurday but I am to scared to use it. I have also had cramping. I wish you all the best, keep us posted josie x


am - November 15

Thanks Josie and all of you who have responded. I have stopped cramping a bit but it's like a dull pain, I hope it is because of pregnancy and not because of my period, let me know if you take the test I hope what you're hoping for comes out for you. Keep me posted as I will you guys.


Abbey - November 16

This is the first site I have come onto after having discovered yesterday that I am pregnant - well, I have done 5 urine tests over two days - overkill yes, for sure, but am still in shock, and keep asking everyone why am I getting my period cramps thanks for answering this question for me very nervous and scared, was very unplanned, but thats life, and I have to just try and get happy and excited now I suppose!!


am - November 16

Congratulations! Abbey your response is rea__suring, if I am pregnant it is very much unplanned but I believe god blesses people with children you don;t know why at the time and a million things are going through your head but later you find yourself extremely happy and greatful that god gave you a child, so chin up I bet you would be alot more disappointed if you couldn't have children. It is one of the most rewarding expieriences in life.


am - November 16

I have one more ? for the past couple of days I've had some mucousy discharge I know I am not ovulating cause my last cycle was on the 23 of Oct, 3 days long I still am expecting my cycle any day now but still having preggo symtoms and getting more like now I'm starting to get sensitive to smell, my deoderant is making me wanna throw up.



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