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u610klt - May 8

Hi all... Has anyone had hot flashes w/ pregnancy? My last period was March 30 and no sign yet. I feel full, and had hot flashes for 2 weeks right around mid april. I keep thinking I am going to start because I almost feel crampy. Haven't tested yet, only 10-14 days late. Went to the doc because I was feeling tired, sluggish, had a lump in the back of my throat, and hot flashes. She didn't test for pg because I wasn't late but thyroid, came back low but ok, glucose low but ok, lipid and cbc panel fine ect. Still feeling tired, and hot flashes stopped about 1-1 1/2 weeks ago. Should I bother to test now?


pakcan - May 8



Lin - May 8

Yes, of course you should test.


zoelouise - May 8

Get tested... I am suprised how many ppl that are late have this feeling as though you have something stuck in the back of your throat as that it was i have been feeling on and off i did look it up on the net and its a sign of anxiety which women tend to have in pregnancy.. Get a test hun and then keep us updated you can due our group PASTE N COPY LINK >>>> take yuou straight to our post!!! also if any ladies would like to talk upon msn messenger then add me good luck xxxx


u610klt - May 8

thanka all... I am going to pick up a test tonight and test in the morning....


u610klt - May 8

well, i picked up two first response tests this morning, and took one on my way to san diego. it was definately negative, and i have a full, pushy, tight feeling in my stomach (higher than cramps and more to the center) so I guess i am not If I still don't start in a week or so (i am a full 2 weeks late now) then I will go to the doc and see if something is wrong. Oh well, I think i was hoping it would have been yes.


muhrea - May 8

I tested 4 days before my period and it was negative... then my "period day" came around... btu no period. I tested 3 days after I was supposed to start and it was positive!! I also used "First Response."


Velveteen - May 9

Same exact symptoms here, u6! I also got a bfn with First Response. I hate the waiting game :(


u610klt - May 9

went to my doc today, tested negative and she said not to worry. I was probably just stressed. If I miss my AF that is supposed to start May 20, then come back and she will give me a blood test. She said since I would not want an abortion if I was, it wasn't a big deal right now. My god did I want to smack her.



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