Pregnancy Symptoms?

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rhonda1995 - October 8

Hello everyone! Im looking to speak with someone who has experienced the same as I am and did it turn out to be pregnancy symptoms for you?

I'll start by saying i have PCOS so Im not sure where I am in my cycle, I havent had a period for 2 months or so.

So it all started a week or so ago. I had been having a lot of discomfort in my pelvic region. It was on and off discomfort but it wasnt anything bad. I ignored it and went about my week. Well then my breasts started feeling sore when I would put pressure on them. It was on and off soreness andreally didnt bother me, but then the soreness made it way into my right arm pit and that too was an on and off soreness. Now mind you, it really didnt hurt so I was not concerned, but I was advised to make  appt with my gyno and get my breasts checked, so I did. They found no lumps in my breast and said it could be due to a pulled muscle. They did a urine pregnancy test there at the office which came back negative.

So a few days later I start having dizziness. Once while i was driving and had to pull over and the next time I was at  church with my head down praying. It kinda felt like I was drunk, but it passed. I checked my BP which was normal and I havent had a dizzy spell since.

Then I happen to look down at my breasts and see what looks like these purplish reddish spide veins appearing on my breasts, which have never been there before. Also as time goes on I have a big blue vein in each of my breasts  which is becoming more prominent every day. Im starting to see little blue veins appearing near the nipple, but it isnt like a blue map of veins on my chest like you hear woman talk about. 

Im so puzzled about what is going on. Im not having morning sickness or anything like that, but I do have heart burn on and off which is strange for me as Ive never had heartburn before.

Any suggestions on what all this could be? 



rhonda1995 - October 8



Grandpa Viv - October 8

Hmm! It doesn’t hurt to run another pregnancy test in case the first was too early. After that it’s probable that a cyst is acting up more than usual and giving you these signs. More doctor work is in your future. Good luck!



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