Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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Kristy - April 27

I feel like an idiot even THINKING I feel pregnant already. Last Friday (5 days ago) I had unprotected s_x, and afterwards I calculated that I was ovulating. Today I feel a little cramping in my uterus, little bit of nausa(sp?), and I noticed that my nipples are very dark. Besides that, I just FEEL pregnant. Do you think a woman could experience pregnancy symptoms only 5 days after conception? It's still too early to take a test (actually I already did, negative of course).. or do you think it's all in my head??


ruby - April 27

kristy--you're not an idiot. i experienced the same thing when i became pg last nov. and it was exactly how you explained...i just FELT and KNEW i was pg. a couple of days after i believed i concieved, i got my first pg symptom...i was completely exhausted. best of luck to you!!!


Christina - April 27

Im sorry I cant be of much help, but I am going through the same thing as you. I had unprotected s_x, the pull out method, ( I know I know) on April 15th, my period isnt due until this friday, the 29th...but I started cramping this last monday, which is way to early if it is pms...I have b___st tenderness, but not dark nippes...Other then that, I have a decreased appet_te too...but nothing else... I have been keeping an eye on my temperature, which I heard if it changes drastically is a sign, and it changes, but not like soo much... I wish I knew if I were, or if Im just paranoid, and its all in my head.??!! But I took a pregnancy test on monday and it came out negative, but it was like 5 days b4 my period, so prob. to early... I just wish I knew if this was my period or if I am prg.... Thanks for listening...any imput would be great, we are in the same boat!! :)


Kristy - April 28

Hi Christina. I'm still waiting too. I believe I conceived on 4/22, period should start around 5/5, I have much longer to wait than you!


juliee - April 28

Hi--don't feel dumb. I know how you feel. Ever since ttc I have felt pregnant every month (but have not been). 8 months ttc. One time I got a BFP and then started to bleed two days later, I tested before af was due--and then it came, chemical pregnancy or whatever they call it. I am not testing early again, not worth the heartbreak. Some women say they feel pregnant right away, but I can't trust my head so won't be guessing anymore. I am due for af mid-may. dust****


Julie - April 28

Kristy and Christina. I am in kind of the same boat. LMP on April 10th. I usually ovulate day 10-14, had lots of s_x then. The last two days I have had cramping, cramping cramping. Its too early for AF and I don't get cramps until I have it. I am exhausted. Haven't done test yet, wouldn't do any good. But I am crabby as can be and hungry! Weird. Good luck to us all!!


Kathryn - April 28

I'm commiserating with the last three women. I'm starting to wonder if my desire to be pg is making me feel false symptoms. But testing too early is definitely not worth it. Besides, all those tests start to get expensive!


Kristy - April 28

Julie, I've been cramping big time today, it's actually quite painful, but also very different from menstral cramps (besides, mentstral cramps would be too early right now). My appet_te hasn't changed, but I do feel nausa often. Thanks for your response, good luck to you!


Chris - April 28

Ladies, I'm in the same boat. Had AF two weeks ago and we've been ttc ever since. This whole week I've been very tired, slight b___st tenderness, emotional, and I have this slight pain in my left ovary. Plus, I feel very bloated and just different. I really want to take a test, but I don't want to be "that person" that believes every sypmtom means something, but something is up. Opinions????


Teresa - April 28

Sounds like i'm in the same boat girls. Been trying for 7 months now. Every one around me seems to be getting preg no problem. Had unproc s_x on 18/4 and my period is due 4th or 5th May. Been getting cramps, major indigestion, nausea and headaches but like some of you I do wonder whether it's all in my head because I want it sooo much?! My husband wants me to buy a test but it's too early. The waiting is horrible! Good luck to all of you with your fingers crossed! xxx


Kim - May 5

Kristy just wondering if u got your period or not, because I had unprotected s_x during ovulation and my husband came in me but af isn't due until May 12. Yesterday I had cramps and today my legs hurt but may it's just pms/


marie - May 10

girls..i know how u feel. i think i might be the crazier one. i had u.p s_x on may 7..and i was very much ovulating. its only been 3 days and i already feel pregnant. hey kristy! did u ever get your period? good luck to all of u.


possprego - May 10

I dont know if its in your head i hope not cause that means it is in my head to. I am in the same spot as you but if i am prego i would only be about 9 days after ovulating. Is it possible. I have multiple symptoms and dont know waht to think. Any answers?


jenn - May 10

Im wondering the same hting me self. I just want to know what anyone thinks the chances are here. first day of my last period was on april 23rd. my cycle is 25 days i think. My b/f and i has s_x on april 28th 29th 30th may 1st 3rd and 5th. i had my period on april 23rd an ended on the 26th. the last past week i have had alot of cramps and lower leg pain in the lower back of my legs. i was having pains in my left side but not anymore. what do you think the chances are that i could be pregnant? and if i would have ovulated within that time of having s_x? i also have alil bit of acne on my forehead. can anyone help me please?


Jayne - May 10

I am so glad to see that I am not such a wierdo. I am feeling similiar to a lot of you guys. Possibly could have become pregnant on the 5th of May and since have been feeling nauseas and like Christina I seem to have lost my appet_te. I am really wanting to become pregnant thought that it was all in my head. Has anyone been confirmed that they are pregnant?


Kira Hands - May 10

Wow and I thought I was the only one... I had my last period starting on the 14th had missed 10 days of my bcp due to my dr.'s office lack of calling my prescription in, anyway... had s_x w/ my husband about 5 or 6 times between 23-27th which I believe would technically be my ovulation pd. since then I have had some odd things happen. Have on and off nausea, heartburn on and off, odd breakout on my neck( i never have acne) cramping and occasional shooting pains in my legs. I tested but i think it might've been to early. i have an apt w/ my Dr, Friday which i had scheduled waaay before this situation even came up. Oh and recently in the past few days I have noticed that I have had increased bowel movements which normally I go every few days and now its been 1-2 times a day. What does everyone thing am I imagining it could it be my pills, or stress?


marie - May 10

hey jen...i did an ovulatoin calculation according to the dates you said...and you do have a good chance of being pregnant whether your cycle is 28 or 25. i still dont know about myself. good luck!



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