Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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knomie - September 9

got a blood test today and will find out tomorrow afternoon if im crazy or not... will post an update!


Kat21 - September 11

Hey everyone i am glad to see i am not alone! I ovulated on the 8th of sept i think and me and my boyfriend had un protected s_x the 7th and before. My period isnt due til the 22nd but i can take an early test next weekend its going to be a long week lol. the thing is last night i noticed that my breats are tender and all i want to do is eat. I am a rna/lpn so i tend to look for links i did find that progesterone is being produced to thicken the uterus lining to receive the fertilized egg i then looked up progesterone side effects headache breat tenderness ect...but its just my theory and opinon just something interessing i found. I hope i am not being paranoid and looking for signs cause i want this so bad i was only pregnant once before they found an empty sac at 9 weeks. Hope all goes well for everyone!!


platnum84 - September 12

I've never followed my ovulation schedule, because I've never really been interested in conception. However I do have a 3 year old daughter, who was not planned. I didn't realize I was even pregnant with her until about 8 weeks. My symptoms at that point were b___st swelling/tenderness and mild nausea. I was hungry but nothing smelled good, everything I smelled made me feel more sick. NOW...My husband and I had unprotected s_x on Sept. 3rd (which was approximately 3-5 days after my period). Since probably Sept. 5th I've been experiencing crampy feelings in my lower abdomen and unusual hunger. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests, all have been negative because obviously it is way too soon for it to show up on a home test, but I really feel like I'm probably pregnant. Today is Sept. 12th, so I'm probably going to take another test tonight or tomorrow and hope for a positive! I never thought symptoms could show this soon, but I don't know what else it could be....definitely not time for my period. And I've had food poisoning before so I know this is not from anything bad I ate. Glad I'm not the only one out there who thinks they are pregnant after only a few days of having unprotected s_x while not being on birth control!!!


korcro2010 - September 15

Hello ladies! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. (we already have a 3 year old son) The 1st day of my LMP was August 24th. I took ovulation tests and had a positive test on September 10th. We had s_x on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 10th (twice). I was at the dr's today and they did a urine pregnancy test. It was negative. I know it may be early but I'm kind of bummed. When do you think I should test again? when's the earliest? and is there a particular brand of test that tests really early? THANKS!!! Hoping for the best!


nikita_mukh24 - September 17

I have done s_x on 3rd of sept and that was on the 6th day of my period. It was my first time having intercourse and I did it for 2 times. In the very first time my bf ejaculated in me using a condom. And the 2nd time he pulled out and din ejaculated in me(2nd time no condom). Can I be pregnant? Am d__n is sept 17. Can a home pregnancy test be useful detecting if am pregnant or not at this time? Qu 2. Also after having s_x after 1 week I have started having ichicg in my v____a. y so? have checked I cant get STD. then y its happening? and lil tingling sensation while peeing.I cant have STD because both me and my bf had s_x for the first time and d tingling sensation started just after I tried to masturbate even that was for d first time :( Pls answer my query


korcro2010 - September 18

Yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant. Any time you have s_x, there is a chance. Unless you are on a type of birth control. Condoms can break, therefore; can lead to pregnancy. I don't want to scare you but I don't want to give you false info either. I would not worry until you miss your period. You can take a "First Response" pregnancy test 6 days before your period is suppose to come. The good thing is, you guys did use a condom and the second time, he pulled out. I would of been more worried if the condom broke or if he ejaculated in you without a condom. If you period comes, which I pray it does, I would go to your OB or a clinic to be put on birth control. You can get a shot that will prevent it too. And if you're underage, your parents do not need to know. I worked as a nurse for a OB/GYN before having my son. (now I'm a stay at home mom, trying for another one) Regarding your 2nd question, you should be checked for a STD, just in case. If you guys were BOTH virgins, it could be a variety of things. It could be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or a Yeast Infection (YI). If you are still having the symptoms, go to the nearest CVS or drugstore and buy a Urinary Tract Infection Test and/or a Yeast Infection test. They have both over the counter now. If it's a UTI, you can buy Urostat or Azo and it will help with the symptoms. You will just need to get an antibiotic for it to go away. If it's a YI, you can buy Monistat. That usually works. If it's neither and you're still have symptoms, you NEED to be checked asap. I hope I have answered your questions. Again, do not worry until you miss your period. And to ease your mind, take a "First Response" pregnancy test 6 days before your period is suppose to start. The generic or other brands of tests do not test as early. Just read the package. Hope this helped! Take care! Post once you know! =) Good luck!!!!


korcro2010 - September 18

Platnum84.... Are you pregnant?


nikita_mukh24 - September 18

Dear thanks a ton for replying to my query. I have some qu pls reply me back.I live in India so what should I ask my chemist to give me? "First Response Pregnancy test Kit"?If I cannot get it I will ask for any "home pregnancy detcting Kit" Moreovee I want to go for a blood test to determine if am pregnant. What should I ask for?I mean what test is best to determine your pregnancy? Actually I have never gone to any doctor for check ups without my parents but this time I have to do it all alone. If they know about it they will kill me for sure. :( And regarding UTI or yeast infection I will rather meet a gyno for that... I have a question in this area also? If there I go with my parents saying I have iching in my v____a then is there any way they can suspect I had s_x? I knw am asking too many questions but actually am very scared :( :(


Grandpa Viv - September 18

Nikita, I understand your concern. Let me try to put your mind more at ease. The chance of getting pregnant from s_x is very low during your period. When your period is ending the chance of pregnancy from s_x starts increasing, and it peaks at ovulation which is approx. 14 days before your next period is expected. At ovulation the chance from full intercourse is about 30%. After ovulation the chance of pregnancy decreases rapidly. This picture comes about from the fact that sperm can survive inside you for 5 days, but the egg is only good for one day. You can't depend on this exactly, because ovulation may be a couple of days earlier than expected, or a couple of days later. There are signs of ovulation such as ovulation cramps, fertile mucus (stretchy and slippery), cervical position (soft, high, open, wet - finger check), and libido. You probably ovulated in the last day or two if you have a normal 28 day cycle. If sperm should fertilize the egg, it would still be 5 days before the egg implanted in the uterus, which would then cause a hormone rush resulting in some early signs of pregnancy. It would be close to your next period before a home pregnancy test would have a chance of giving a positive result, and some women have to wait a couple of weeks longer than that. In my opinion the chance of you getting pregnant from what you describe is very samll. Some women at first intercourse get a hormone rush anyway, which gives them false early pregnancy signs. Your itching is surely from some unaccustomed bateria getting into your v____a. Personal cleanliness at s_x is important - p___s, under foreskin, fingers, strange objects etc. There are many ways of this happening, so nobody can conclude that you had s_x just because you get a urinary tract infection (though they may suspect it). Your drug store or pharmacy probably has treatments for this that do not involve going to a doctor, at least in the first instance. Get the itching treated one way or another, so that it does not get worse. Wait to see if your next period comes on schedule before you worry about pregnancy. Your pharmacist will tell you about pregnancy tests, or perhaps you will find one on the shelf in the store in the section that has other reproductive products. Make sure your boyfriend always has a good supply of preperly stored condoms, and use a new one for every penetration. Learn to put them on him as part of foreplay - pull back the foreskin on the fully erect p___s, and roll the condom gently down the shaft. Leave enough space at the end to hold the s____n, and make sure the space does not contain a bubble of air which can pop. After he has ejaculated, reach down and hold the condom in place as he withdraws. Lost condoms are cause for panic! Understand your fertile window, which on a 28 day cycle is from day 8 through 16, and avoid s_xual activity during this time. Learn to identify ovulation day. Between good observation of condom use and fertile window, you should be able to avoid pregnancy. Good luck!


nikita_mukh24 - September 19

Thanks a lot for replying to my query...well in case I get pregnant(pray to God that I dont) I want to go for a blood test to determine if am pregnant. What should I ask for?I mean what test is best to determine your pregnancy? Depending on my cycle my periods is due on 25th of september. So in the coming week If I go for the blood test should it be accurate?


Grandpa Viv - September 19

Nikita, any kind of pregnancy test before your period is due is subject to false negatives. The tests look for the hCG hormone, which normally reads less than 5, but in pregnancy doubles every few days until it reaches 100,000 by the end of the first trimester. Your doctor is going to give you a urine test, same as you can buy in the pharmacy. If it is negative and you still think you are pregnant, she may order a qualitative blood test, which still gives a yes/no answer and may not be much more accurate than a urine test. Finally, if complications of pregnancy are suspected, she may order a quant_tative blood test, which gives a numeric reading on the 5 to 100,000 scale. This test is expensive and not often used.


kmk22288 - September 20

Ok, So I had unprotected s_x September 5th and September 12.. I took a test last thursday the 16th and it came up positive. How can it show up positive so soon? Is that even possible?


Todor - September 20

guys im boy i had s_x with my girlfriend on September 18th after 2 days she has taken test and it was positiv then she went to doctor and the doctor said that it can be wrong and that we will have to wait 5 days. Is it possible to test be wrong and after 5 days we should have onther results of test? thanks i hope you will reply me guys


platnum84 - September 20

korcro2010.....I don't seem to be. I have taken multiple home tests and even went to my OB on Thursday (Sept. 16th) and had a test.....all have been negative. I haven't had my period yet, but I'm guessing it will show up within this next week if I'm not pregnant. I've had the same pelvic pain since I last posted, which is strange if I'm not pregnant, but my dr said it could be a couple different things: a cyst, my period about to start, or pregnancy. So....guess we'll see if I don't have a period this week maybe I'll take another test and hope for the best! =)


Kat21 - September 21

i had my last period the 25th of august and we has unprotected s_x the 2nd and 7th of sept and i got a postive test on sunday the 19th with a digital test i got bored of the line tests my second line was hard to see like REALLY hard at first so i took a digital one clear blue and it worked i am excited i hope all goes well and best of luck to everyone


knomie - September 22

hi all just an update, after many many negative tests (i ended up buying a bulk bunch on ebay since it got tooexpensive) i was so sure i was pregnant even though i was getting negatives, i went to get a blood test on 7th september which would have been 9 dpo. it came back negative :( wiht hcg level at less than 2. i was due for period on 13 september, now 9 days late. i got my first positive yesterday! using morning urine. i then tested yesterday afternon and it was negative,,,, i tested again this morning and got 3 bfp! i tested again this afternoon and got another bfp! i got blood test done today to confirm will find out in 2 days. this was our first month trying and i have pcos so we were ready for the long haul but it worked for us! so if i am pregnant which i think i am i will be 5.5 weeks and this is the first time getting a positive!!!! praying for everyone who is trying and dont lose hope! i had symptoms from just 2 days after conception! i just knew that blood test was not accurate due to the lack of hcg hormone.



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