Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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marie - May 10

hey jen...i did an ovulatoin calculation according to the dates you said...and you do have a good chance of being pregnant whether your cycle is 28 or 25. i still dont know about myself. good luck!



Definaltey YES. I did even before then with my first child. I experinced fatigue mostly. A woman just knows! Conceived our 3rd baby April 26th 2005 and found out were pregnant May 15th 2005!



1 More thing to add. If you haven't conceived and have been trying you should get the ovulation tests. Buy them on ebay. They're less than $.50 each and well worth knowing when your body is ready. Counting dates never has worked for us. My cycle is always different each month. Pregnancy tests on eb*y is also very cheap. I got 10 Pregnancy and 15 ovulation for $9.00 including shipping from Canada. Good luck


Natalie - May 16

I dont think your an idiot...When ive been preg I've been able to tell very early...way before I can get a positive test. Hang in there. I wouldnt get your hopes up to much, because it is a bummer to get dissappointed. But you very well could be. If I was you I'd start prenatals..I'm on prenatals even though I am 12 days late and without a positive test!


julee - May 16

Anyone had a BFP from this post yet? I have not.


liz - May 16

I know! I am experiencing the worst cramping situation as we speak and I just feel pregnant, (pull out also) I have 2-3 more days to find out, but no women are just INTUITIVE like this, they just know!!!!


Vicky - May 16

I still believe everybody has different symptoms. I got preganant last July and had all the symptoms of a period when I was to get my cycle. I didn't feel any symptoms of pregnancy. I got what I thought was my period; it ended up being like a light period, spotting, and I kept waiting for the heavy bleeding and it never came. I only had b___st tenderness, and that is what I have every month.I took a pregnancy test on day 6 of what I thought was my period. And I was pregnant! I spotted for a couple more days after that.


leisa - May 16

kristy i know exactly how you feel, i ovulated between the 7-9 march, its now the 16 th and i have felt pregnant for a few days now, lets just hope its one of us ehh?


sarah - May 16

im here too.. only 3dpo and i have hab one sore bb slight cramping ,pulling type twinge in my abdo area..i really feel pg..more than i did before when i wasearly pg went on to m/c at 11 weeks. That was 1 cycle ago 7weeks now..waiting waiting!!


~*Annie*~ - May 17

I feel like an idiot too, so we are definitely in the same boat. My LMP was 04/30 and I had unprotected s_x on 05/07 & 05/08, 5/14& 5/15. On 05/13 & 05/14, I had severe cramps and lower back pain and it reminded me of PMS, but I still have two weeks for that. I noticed that my nipples are dark and a little bigger than they normally are. Could I be pregnant? I actually went home and took a nap on my lunch break today because I've just been so tired and exhausted lately and I don't really do too much to exert myself and so I'm puzzled on why I would feel like this. Help me out and tell me what you all think! Best of luck to everyone!*~


autumn - May 17

ANNIE: i am in the same boat as you annie. my last af started april 30 and i have had u.p. almost every day.... mostly the pull out method but on the 15th he c_med inside me. i feel bloated and nipples sensetive but only a little. i feel a little nausea and every one says i look tired but i have slept alot in the past couple days. when can you test? is bloating apart of ovulation? any information would help?


julee - May 17

Again, wondering if anyone with these early "symptoms" has actually been pregnant. I know my body is playing tricks on me!!!! Wondering if tricks everyone, or just a few of us suckers :)


MG - May 17

Yes, I'm also wondering if my symptoms are in my head. It's possible, but I'll sure be glad to find out for sure!


*marie* - May 18

hey girls..i am still wondering if im pregnant..i wont know till about another week. i started feeling symptoms 3 days after i had s_x. early this morning i had a real bad cramping. it is too early for period cramping and plus i never start cramping till the day i start or the day before...but this cramping was lasted for a good 45 min..and then it went away. its still early to im just waiting. good luck to all of u!


Claire - May 18

I feel horrible writing this because most of you are excited for your results. I'm in my late teens, I only have one ovary from a surgery to remove the other due to a cyst when I was younger and have been on Yasmin (bcp) for a few months and have never missed a pill. I was taking an antibiotic (Amoxicillin) and had s_x with my long time boyfriend. Now that I realize that my antibiotic may have an effect on the effectiveness, I'm scared I'm pregnant. My period is still a week away and I still have been taking my bcp but finished the antibiotic. I feel lower abdominal pain, headaches and tired. Yet, I just finished finals and have been stressed along with scared about preg. Am I imagining these symptoms? Should I test and when? What should I do?


liz - May 18

sometimes i think that when we want to be pregnant so bad---we make our own symptoms and stress a bit so our period comes late...and then we take a test and it is hpt negative---all my freinds say that to get pregnant you cant stress over whether or not you actually are.



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