Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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mgdmommy - March 21

ugh got the first response says neg but my period is not due for 6 ore days


Anonymus - May 12

hi, i had unprotected s_x with my bf, it was not proper s_x even my seal was not broken, it was 1-2 times in out.also he did not ejaculate inside me. But i am so scared for my chances of my pregnancy. Just after one day of that thing i did not eat anything for 2-3 days, only just half chapati. i think that was my tension. Then 4 day i started eat light food(khichdi) & take glucose. but from 4 th day i was feeling very tired & weekness in my body(also some body ache). I took proper food for 3 days, now i dont have any tiredness, but i have little bit body ache. also there is white discharge with my urine. Please tell me can anyone feel pregnancy symptoms like these? also i dont have any other pregnancy. symptoms. My period should come between 20 to 24 th May. but i can not wait till that time. Please help me out.


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Sounds like the encounter was last weekend maybe 16 days before your expected period, which would put it in the fertile window. As far as your hymen seal is concerned, where blood can come out sperm can go in. The exposure was not great and you do not have enough early pregnancy signs to suggest pregnancy yet. Your culture is not tolerant of the risks you are taking. Please avoid situations where this kind of intimacy is possible. GL!


Autumn M. - May 15

Ok so I am new to this but I have been Googling my symptoms for the past 5 days now. So I had a normal period last month and everything was normal. I started a new package of Birth Control pills as I usually do. Took Sun and Monday. I for some reason blanked the next 4 days. So I missed Tue thru Friday, by Friday missing 4 pills my husband and I had s_x. My thing is that I believe I may have ovulated by missing those pills. I didnt realize until Sat that I had even missed any pills until I saw spotting and thought I had torn there or something. Then realized what was happening. So now I am getting that "knowing" feeling, indescribable,just something that I feel is with me at all times. I felt a bit nauseous Mon and Wed (today) morning. Then after eating dinner I got a tightening feeling in my lower stomach. From the inside. Now since then I have had this heavy feeling in my lower stomach. Not cramping like period. When I walk and when I bend over it feels heavy. I know it is way too early to test and I feel like I am just going crazy because I always wonder if I could be pregnant even if it really is illogical. Also I have been keeping an eye on my b___sts which are not sore, but there is a blue vein that wasnt there this morning! Sorry so long just wanting to get it all out there.


Grandpa Viv - May 16

So you finished out the old pack with the dummy pills about May 4th, with a bleed the first days of May. Then you did a Sunday Start for two days followed by skipping 4 days. This risks pregnancy. You could have ovulated last weekend and now be experiencing the first signs of implantation. Alternatively skipping the pills has upset your system. You are in the two week wait. You should use other form of birth control for the rest of the month and test at the beginning of June if there continues to be reason to think you are pregnant. You will have plenty more signs between now and then if this is the case. GL!


Autumn M. - May 16

Yes that is correct. I figure this is what happened also. My lower stomach feeling persists and I haven't slept well last two nights and had nausea much longer today than before. I will continue to watch myself for signs Thanks.


Amy Christine - May 23

Hi everyone. My periods are pretty normal and last month, I was 6 days late (had 2 negative tests and a super heavy flow so I know that I was NOT pregnant and it was not implantation bleeding). I ovulated some time last week (determined by my CM) and about 3 days ago I woke up with such tender b___sts and I mean TENDER. They are so sore. They are never like this when AF comes. AF is not due until the 30th. My boyfriend and I have protected s_x (well, sorta... we put the condom on when he gets close because it's been proven you cannot get pregnant from pre c_m - sorry for tmi). Anyways, I have had no bleeding, ovulation would have happened right around 05/16. I thought the condom broke one night last week because I felt something 'snap' when he was inside of me but when he pulled out and took the condom off, it held his load so we both a__sumed that it was fine. I think it's all in my head but my b___sts are so sore, nipples are more sensitive than normal, I've had a little bit of hormonal acne in the past week and a little tired but I've been super busy so that could play a factor (being stressed?). Anyways, what do you previously pregnant women think? I promise I will let you know what the result came to because it drives me crazy when I see other women with the exact same symptoms but no pregnancy answers! I am due May 30th for AF


Grandpa Viv - May 23

True that the fluid in the Cowpers gland contains no sperm and so can't cause pregnancy. However with extended foreplay some actual s____n can get into play before ejaculation. If it is important not to get pregnant one should not rely on variations of pull-out s_x. You have enough unusual signs that pregnancy has to be considered along with the alternative of a cyst acting up and putting out hormones. I suggest a home preg test on first morning pee if your period does not show up normal and on time. GL!


Autumn M. - May 25

So now I am almost to the time I can test. But now that I have gone crazy thinking about it I need to ask. Can missing 5 birth control pills make you feel like you are pregnant with symptoms? For a full week I felt a heavy feeling in my stomach accompanied with occasional cramping. Then the heavy feeling subsided for the most part but now I have almost a constant back cramp. Nothing severe just what I would feel before my period. I havent completely gone off the birth control, however I have been afraid to take it in case I am pregnant. So I have been taking it almost every other day I know its not smart but I am afraid of harming a possible baby forming. So my main question is can you feel symptoms like this (esp the unusual feeling of heaviness in my uterus) and it be mainly from missing birth control at the beginning of the month?


abbylou24 - May 30

I just got off the pill after 15 years about 18 days ago. I had my period may 13-16, and my husband and I had unprotected s_x on May 27th. I started having vivid dreams two days ago, and I've been experiencing lower back pain and what kind of feels like cramping along with a ga__sy/bloating feeling. Also had some acne which I haven't had in years, but I figured it's just from getting off the pill. I know it's too early to take a test, but is it possible for me to be pregnant after just getting off the pill? I thought it would take a while to get out of my system. Am I just making stuff up in my head, or could I really experience some of these things this early?


daybrightsunshine - June 3

Need your thoughts please please! I have been taking diane35 mainly for my skin as I am acne-prone for more than 5 years. I decided to stop I think last April because I cannot handle the side effects anymore. I did cold Turkey, meaning I stopped right away and did not finish the whole pack. I just cant remember what date exactly. I am currently taking saw palmetto and nettle leaf to fight acne and so far it is working. Anyway, I took the last pack last April 28 when I had my period. After a few days I stopped taking any, like I said, I went cold turkey on it. May 12, I had another period! I was guessing it was because I stopped Diane and my hormones went crazy. May 21 and May 23 or 24, I had unprotected s_x. Then another one just last Saturday, June 1. I am not sure when I will have my period as I had it twice. If I will base it on the last one which was May 12, I am supposed to have another period June 9. SO in total, I had 3 unprotected s_x. Not sure as well about my ovulation but I know that there is mucus when we had s_x. It is now June 3 and I am just wondering if there is a possibility that I could be pregnant? I know I am supposed to wait til I miss my period but I am not sure when I will really have my period. Plus the thought just keeps playing in my head as it is the first time I have had unprotected s_x and ejaculation was inside, three times after I stopped the pills. No symptoms perhaps bec it is too early to tell. It has only been a few days since the first intercourse which was May 21. And last one was just 2 days ago. Just noticed I am always tired and sleepy, short of breath and urination is frequent. Not sure if it is possible to feel these at an early stage. I did a PT yesterday coz I was so curious but came out negative. Maybe bec it is too early to tell. Could I be pregnant? Until today, I have white mucus inside me. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!


Autumn M. - June 3

Let me just tell you about my recent experience. As you can see in this thread I thought I was pregnant for sure for 3 weeks straight from like May 10th till the 30th. I was having cramping in my back, I felt this "heavy" feeling in my uterus. (Which I still cant explain)...I had just a little nausea not much to speak of. This was all after missing 4 pills in a row and having s_x on that 4th day. Then kind of taking my pills haphazardly through the rest of the month. I started my period just a day early even though I was told it may be late if anything. So I believe that going off the pill was making me go crazy. Feeling things that weren't signs of pregnancy but just my body missing out on hormones. Trust me I know that waiting SUCKS!! I even took a test after my period to make sure. But it will happen one day for me and my husband, but I dont look forward to going off the pills when we do try. My cramps have been pretty much endless in May. I started my new BC pack last night and hope to get back to normal. Hope all goes well!


kirstylou86xx - June 18

Im now on cd22 Af is due to appear 6/23 not sure when i ovulated and I've been testing since today but obviously getting BFN having a lot of symptoms that I have never had like Creamy thick cm which is a lot Craving chicken fried rice Frequent urinating every 20 minutes Cramps in ovaries for the last 10 days Sleeping for 12 hours every night And really bad hot flushes My temp has been up for the last four days at around 99.5 f / 37.5 c But all this could be due to clomid which I've been told gives you fake pg symptoms :( been trying for 11 months so I hope this is my month and it's starting to get too me now. I never knew ttc could be so hard Baby dust to all and good luck


need advice asap - November 16

Hello everyone I need advice asap.I really don't know how to do this so please if you have anything that is usefull let me know.My boyfriend came in me but it was not in the same day it happend in three diffrent days.Now I'm supose to get my period on the 27th and it is now only the 16 nd it hppend like the 7th 8th and 10th so what am I supose to take the test right now or should I wait and see if I miss my period.I really want a baby and my stomac has this weird feeling and its cramping with a heavy back pain.Need advice please!!!!


Grandpa Viv - November 20

Wait until your period is late or light before testing. Your timing and symptoms have some promise. Good luck!


kekers1990 - June 3

My husband thinks I'm pregnant we had sex the day before my period and during which I was told you can get pregnant and I woke up this morning wanting pineapple pancakes lol and been craving tea and hunny buns and been super tired that's been for the last five days



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