Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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kekers1990 - June 3

My husband thinks I'm pregnant we had sex the day before my period and during which I was told you can get pregnant and I woke up this morning wanting pineapple pancakes lol and been craving tea and hunny buns and been super tired that's been for the last five days


Grandpa Viv - June 3

Ovulation (egg drops) is most often 14 days before your expected period and it is good for only one day, though sperm can hang around waiting for it for 5 days. The day before your period is not in the fertile window. If you are pregnant it is from sex a couple of weeks ago and super tired is one sign. Cravings, more peeing, lotion discharge, weird cramps, breast and nip signs, hot flashes, vivid dreams are others. Run a home pregnancy test on first morning pee this coming weekend, and don't forget the prenatal vitamins.


anusree_anu - June 8

I had sex few days before ovulation....ov started on 4th apr 2015. I am feeling nausea,fatigue, tired...not feeling like eating....sleepy all time..since 3d apr....felt cramps and twinges in my lower left abdomen for two days...feeling bloated and peeing a lot hv constipation.its been 5 days i am feeling like this...i hv pcos and started metformin 3 days ago....can i be pregnant...coz i feel like pls


Grandpa Viv - June 8

Anusree, if you think you are a couple of months pregnant a home pregnancy test is way overdue. You probably should do a search on "metformin and pregnancy". Some of your symptoms may just be side effects of metformin and others of PCOS. Good luck!


Moniqaa - October 27

Seems like ur preg!!


Moniqaa - October 27


please help 

have symptoms like cramps   Gassy ,headaches , nauseous occasionally not constipated , but cervical mucus more watery 

am I pregnant? 

Thanks guys 


Natalie97 - November 18

I know this is an old thread. I've been reading through the replays and I'm going through the same thing. So I'm just going to share my bit. My boyfriend came back from working away two weeks on Thursday. We had s_x and 4-5 days after I constantly felt nauseous eating, drinking, no eating or drinking and having a cigarette. Extremely tired. Boobs slightly sore, headaches and period type of pains, dizziness. I'm due on 25th of November and we had sex in my ovulation. Can anyone give any advice on what to do and on my symptoms, thank you


Natalie97 - November 18

Forgot to add having hot flushes too.


Grandpa Viv - November 18

Natalie, this sounds promising. Run a home pregnancy test when your period is due, and a second a week later if still in doubt. 


Natalie97 - November 19

Thank you grandpa viv, fingers crossed will keep you updated 


Nyd - November 21

Hi ladies, i m ttc since june, i am not regular with my AF, my cycle is 40 days according to which i ovulated on 9th November.

i am feeling few symptoms such as cramps, nausea, very tired, sleepy, pain in nipples (not too much), continues eye twitching (8th day today).

am I really pregnant or is it all in my mind?  




Natalie97 - November 21

Just an update I bought a first response early detection, the test has come me back with a very very faint line, I've been trying to capture it on camera but you can't see it?? Will have to wait a few more days ????


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Natalie, the hCG hormone the test looks for should double every few days. A faint line one day should be strong a week later. 


Natalie97 - November 24

No problem going to get one today and do it next week


Natalie97 - November 26

Still no af, ordered some 10mlU test, will try one when they arrive tomorrow 


SapphireLevaou - December 18

Hey ladies I'm new here been TTC for 2 yrs. My PCOS went away 4mth(Dec 12) after getting married to my husband August 8th 2017. In fact they told me that I had a follicle that looked ready to ovulate I tested that day got a negative on my OPK, then the next day tested positive(12/130) and the day after (12/14) then day after that (12/15) was negative. According to FF it predicted for me to ovulate on 12/14 that night i got sore sides and tops of boobs and i was bloated then the next day 12/15 I got acne and irritability alongside the bloating and sore boobs. I am presently 3dpo from 12/14 as O day. I still have acne,sore boobs, and bloating. I am just overally excited that I have been on time with symptoms. I first started TTC December 11,2015  so the bitter sweet moment when the day after that 2yrs later I am told NO MORE PCOS was so amazing and then FF predicted that I would start my period on the same date 12/29 as I had 2 years ago! I feel like GOD saved me from myself when I was being moreso reckless and irresponsible last year with my TTC efforts and just wanted me to be with the person he had for me.



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