Pregnancy Symptoms Just 5 Days After Conception

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liz - May 18

sometimes i think that when we want to be pregnant so bad---we make our own symptoms and stress a bit so our period comes late...and then we take a test and it is hpt negative---all my freinds say that to get pregnant you cant stress over whether or not you actually are.


bump - May 18



autumn - May 18

i am confused when should i test. my period started april 30. i think i just ovulated but confused on when i should test?


julee - May 18

to claire: antibiotics can affect b/c pills. The doc who prescribed should have warned you to use condoms while taking the antibiotics. You should try not to stress, and take a pregnancy test if your period is late. Good luck!


Rachel T. - May 18

Hey ladies--this is exactly what I've been looking for--people in the same boat as me--I thought I was nuts! I--like Kira--am off my b/c due to a dr's ofc screw up--and have had some symptoms like b___st tenderness, cramping, indigestion, appet_te fluctuations from very hungry to hardly any appet_te, slight discharge, and headaches--I won't know until at the earliest probably the 28th of May--best of luck to all :)


~*Annie*~ - May 19

~*Autumn: I know what you are going through b/c my boyfriend c_m inside me on 5/15 too. We do use protection but lately its just been the withdrawal method. Usually it'd be best to test the day of your first missed period unless you want to use the early response *p* test which you can test early for up to 4-5 days. I still get really sleepy and tired around lunchtime and I just hope it's not all in my head b/c it's driving me nuts b/c I'm just waiting for my period to start and it should start sometimes next week. I started noticing that my b___st hurts every now and then too now and I wonder what that means. Could it just be stress?*~


Ann Christine - May 19

Hi, this is certainly a nice forum and I'm so appreciative of all the posts ~ I'm going insane waiting for AF even though not due until 5/24? We want a baby so badly and like many of you I 'feel' preg but afraid its just wishful thinking . . .


katie - May 20

I had an early ultrasound done yesterday and they told me I was 7 weeks and a day, but i think i only conceived five weeks and a day ago. How is that possible?


shelly - May 20

hey all am in the same boat? i dont no what to really say... ive bin trying bout 3 months realy want a baby. i started my periods last week but they were very different this time. my stomach was hard and still is. i feel liike am going to be sick but i dont and my stomach is hard. i went to the doctors but the test came negative but i feel as if am still pregnant what are my chances please help?????


ash - May 20

i ovulated on the 13th (i think, egg like mucous- and lots of it). i've had b___st tenderness that began 3days after. now veins are becoming more prominent, also having abdominal cramps. i came off of bcp april 28th and haven't had a period in the last six months i'd say. i feel like i'm going crazy b/c tests are negative. i feel pregnant, but i don't think i could test positive if i was pregnant until the 24th. any advice?


~*Annie*~ - May 24

Just a little update. It's getting harder and harder for me to wake up in the mornings and I got really nauseous too after I got into work. Last night I experienced some slight cramping except they didn't feel like the normal cramps I experience like PMS cramps. It kind of feels like my stomach is tied up in knots at the moment though and now no more cramps. Is anyone experiencing this?


Fitting IN - May 24

Wow It is so nice to have found people in the same boat...but I am a little different, started light bleeding on day 19 of my usual 28 day cycle, bad headaches, exhausted, nauseuos on and off and appet_te is fluctuating on and off too... Took test of course neg, I am not really due until 5/31, but I jsut feel weird....Don't know what to do now!!??? Anyone have any bleeding and think it was ib??


JeSsIcA - May 24

I feel kind of stupid writing here.. I'm 16.. (Yeah, yeah.. I know) My LMP was 4/24 and I had u.p.s on 4/30,5/1, and 5/2.. about a week afterwards I started to feel really tired, cramping, sensitive nipples, and sore stomach muscles, and I don't know.. just FEEL pregnant. I don't know if maybe I'm just paranoid because I don't want to be or whether maybe I really am preg. I was suppose to start my period on 5/22 and it's been 3 days.. still nothing. My mom says she won't take me until a week just to make sure.. but I know that once she finds out, she'll tell my dad too.. so I wanna know first so I can decide what to do on my own.. What do you guys think?


ashley - May 31

well i dont know if it is in your head... i had s_x on wed, 5/25, and my b___sts are very tender, blue veins on my b___sts, tiredness, and very emotional and sensitive to smell . i dont know if i am because i cant test untill 6/4 ( early 5 day ept test) so i have 6 more days . wish me luck!!


Cathy - June 2

I have had 3 kids, my husband has had a vasectomy, my nipples started getting sore a wk and half ago and now my period is 5 days early. Is it possible that I could be pregnant(my youngest is 3 and the vasectomy was done while I wa pregnant with the youngest) please Let me know what you tink!!


JPJ - June 2

I completely understand. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who wonders if it is "all in my head" simply b/c I want it sooo bad! my af is due 6/3 and I have nasuea, sore b___sts, my bf thinks they are slightly bigger and they feel heavy, I have some mild cramping off and on and heartburn. I had u.p.s. on 5/18 and every day since. I have a 30 day cycle and I ovulated on approx. 5/19 and felt mild cramping the next day altho at the time I didn't know I was ovulating. I took a test at 6dpo (anxious and I jumped the gun LOL) and another at 11dpo. Both came out neg. So now I am just going to wait until the 5th even tho I am due for af on the 3rd. Baby dust to all!!!



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