Pregnancy Symptoms Or Something Else

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Cassie - November 9

Hey everyone! I am having some symptoms but they are different then what I typically read. I am having stomach cramps, nausea, off and on diarrhea, spotting (brown) and sometimes pinkish red staining, runny nose with bloody nose this afternoon, AWFUL gas with bloating, sleepiness, and sore br___ts with sensitive nipples (mostly left br___t). I am not sure if I am falling apart or if these could be symptoms! I was just at my doctor last week and she said my cycle started October 14. Let me say I don't have regular periods at all. I sometimes take a pill called Provera (not Depo-Provera) to get a period. The last 2 times I have taken it, I start spotting on CD 27. So my doctor says it sounds like my body is on a 27 day cycle. Well, if that's the truth I am on CD 27 today and I actually quit spotting yesterday night! I am so confused!!! A blood pregnancy test I had last week (just a qualitative test) was negative. Could it have been too early to be accurate? I would have only been around 5 or 6 days pregnant. Should I take another test? When? I would only be 4 weeks pregnant if I am and possibly late today. Any HPT brand suggestions?I just need some input on this. Please anyone! Thanks so much! Take care...


E - November 9

I would test every 2 days using the dollar store hpt's as they require the least amount of hCG to detect a pregnancy. hCG should double every 48-72 hours. It is definitely possible that you are pregnant and the test did not pick it up. Best wishes!!


Ca__sie - November 9

This is gross but I forgot to ask one thing in my post. I am so embarra__sed writing this, but can the skin directly under your v____a (called the perenium) turn blue if you are pregnant? Or is that from something else? Thanks and sorry this question is gross! Take care...


Viv - November 9

Think blood vessels dilating everywhere. Nose bleed and purple v____a can be included.


m - November 9

bump ya up!



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