Pregnancy Sypmtoms 8 Days After Conception

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carrin2016 - January 19

i had unprotected s_x 8 days ago,actually it was a coupus interruptus and my period is not regular but iam expecting it to be in the next three days. i've started feeling exhausted from yesterday even though i get enough sleep and my lower back aches like crazy. does this mean iam pregnant and is it too early for a home pregnancy test? 


Grandpa Viv - January 19

Carrin, he may not have interrupted soon enough, or did he perhaps go back for a second dip? Your incident was close enough to ovulation to be of concern. Anyway, you have a couple of early signs - weird cramps about now would be another. It's usually a waste of money to run a test before your period shows up missing or light, and a second test a week later may be necessary. Good luck! 


Laurendawn - February 19

Hey! Okay so I had sex(protected and unprotected)  two days post ovulation and it's been 9 days since.. And I've been having cramps and nausea for the past 5 days... I don't know what to make of it... 


Grandpa Viv - February 22

Maybe you ovulated a day later than you think. You are in the two week wait with a couple of signs already. Run a test on first morning pee when your period is due and repeat a week later if necessary.


Ssalaets44 - January 25

Omg! Please let me know if you got a possitive! I'm in the same boat. Exsactly same symptoms. I don't want to test to early. I hurt so much. I am trying to concieve with my first.


NotReady21 - July 6

I had sex 8 days ago on my ovulation day and i'm scared that i might be pregnant. I've been throwing for the past 8 days, constant gas and my stomach is so bloated and uncomfortable, plus the unbareable cramping. Am I pregnant or am i loosing my mind?


Grandpa Viv - July 6

It's always a puzzle when someone reports early pregnancy signs starting on ovulation day. They should not start until implantation some days later and makes one wonder if a weird ovulation is responsible. Run a home test when your period shows up late or light. 



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