Pregnancy Test Question REALLY Confused

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pregtests - October 2

Hey all, well i have a quick question. I have been thinking that i could possably be pregnant... from the begining the the month of Sep. Or even, by the midd Aug. I had been having s_x frequently in from the midd Aug to the begining of Sep. In the month of Aug, i got my period when it was due, everything was normal. But for the month of Sep. Somethings been off. I have always been on a reg cycle. AF always due on the last few days of the month. And lasting for 7 days. Well, in Sep, i got my " period" on the 23rd and it was more of bright red and pink spotting. NO FLOW. Till right now, i have not received a normal period. Last night, i took a preg test and it came back negitive. Could that be the accurate answer? I did not take it in my frist urin in the monring so could of it been a false answer? I was very devistated when i seen a -! Someone help me out... thankx


ugh - October 2

No body has any say on my post???? gosh!!!!!!!


Dana - October 2

I would definately retest with first pee in the morning. Maybe it's a little early to test could try leaving it a week? Sorry I'm not more helpful! Good luck!


PREGTESTS - October 2

Thank you Dana, on your respnose. I just really would love all the responses that i could get. I am a bit confused... well try VERY confused.


Kay - October 2

Maybe try a more sensitive test. Seeing your doctor for a blood test would be your best bet.


pregtests - October 2

Yea, that is the rate that i am going at now. I made an appt with my doc tomorow afternoon. I am hoping that i will be able to get all the tests done that is needed for me to get an ACCURATE answer. But for yestruday night, i just couldnt handel the wait any more and i wanted to see how much of a chanch that i could of had by finding out a good, correct answer from a hpt.( for some reason, in my bones, i knew that it would come back negitive, but i just wanted to cure my nervs) Oh yea, by the way before i forget, i bought the preg test at the $ tree. I dont know if those, because they are cheap, do not work but i just wanted to put that in there.



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