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Dolly - May 20

Good morning ladies! I'm just curious about pregnancy tests. I am wondering which are the best brands, and when(what day eg.first day of missed af) is best to test. I know some brands claim you can test up to 4 days before an expected period, but if you read the fine print %'s of accuracy are often quite a bit lower. Also, for all the lucky ladies with BFP's lately...when did you test and get a BFP? Did you get any BFN's at all before you got BFP? Just wondering how common it is to not get a positive until later...thanks for any comments:) Babydust to all!


Clarissa23 - May 20

hey is very common to get negatives until finally a positive.. I have had 3 kids and have not had a positive hpt with any of them until 2 to 3 months isnt that common for it to take that long but i have low hcg so takes longer to come positive. i think i am pregnant with baby # 4 so i just have to wait it out


Dolly - May 20

Thanks Clarrisa, I expect my af tomorrow or Monday but I took a test yesterday as I just wanted to know. It was BFN but I know it's very possible that I tested too early. I think I'll wait and see if af shows up before testing again.


sarahbaby11 - May 20

i took a dollar tree test for three dyas in a row atrting the day of my missed af with first morning urine. all three were negative. that night i bought an answer quick and simple from walmart they are $8 for a 2 pack. i got a positive that evening. try a different test if you have no luck with a certain brand


Dolly - May 20

Thanks Sarahbaby, that's a good idea. I think I'll wait it out a few days and then test again with another brand if my af doesn't show up. :)


buffy2297 - May 21

Well I got a faint positive at 9dpo in the evening as well it was very faint but there. I then tested this morning and got a BFP a definate blue line absolutely no doubt in my mind! I used clearblue! They now claim to beable to test 4 days before af is due. I tested with on that was in old packaging still not advertising that it can test 4 days early and I still got a BFP. I can't fault them I'm not due on until Thursday so I tested + on Saturday 5 days before 6 days if you include Thursday!


Dolly - May 21

Congratulations Buffy!!!!! That's awesome!


buffy2297 - May 22

Thank you! Good luck I hope a BFP is very near in your future!



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