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Lynn - March 30

I have many pregnancy symptoms, including swollen br___ts(they feel like water balloons!), tiredness, increased urination, nausea,darker veins on chest and thighs, increased cm (feels like I'm bleeding, but there is only mucous), and swollen abdomen (I look 4 month pregnant, although I'd only be about 9 wks). I'm still having my period, but they have been shorter and much lighter than normal (usually 7-8 days, but Feb was 5 days and Mar was 4 days). Also, all hpts have been neg. I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this, and have turned out to be pregnant. I am also wondering if age could be a factor, as I am 37.


Erica - March 30

Dear Lynn, about 2 months ago I whent throught the same syptoms and I was sure that I was Unfortunately I wasn't it was a cyst that I had and it causes all the same syptoms.


lynn - March 30

I looked up the symptoms for a cyst in several books, and they all said you have heavier periods not lighter and none mentioned uterine swelling!


Becky - March 30

Lynn, I have had all this too...but no BFP yet... I am due for af either today or tomorrow... hopefully she'll stay away. will be testing unless she comes really heavy.


jena - March 30

Lynn, I wouldn't rule out pregnancy. I really think you should get a blood test if that is at all possible - they are great - can tell you your exact hCG level and you can know for sure if you are preggo... good luck to you - and 37 isn't too old to be out of the game :)


Lynn - April 1

I went to the doctor, but she would only do a urine test. She also did a quick exam. She said I wasn't pregnant, but could give me no explaination for the symptoms (including the slightly swollen abdomen), even though I expained about the shorter/lighter periods. I know it's not normal to go from a 7-8 day heavy period w /clots to 1 4-5 day medium period w/o clots. So I'm not sure what to believe. Either I'm pregnant or something else is going on. I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens next month. If my next period is 4 days or less, and I am still having symptoms, I guess I'll have to go back to the doctor again.


kim - April 1

Age can definately be a factor. Most women begin peri menopause around this age. Does not mean you are in menopause just experiencing some of the hormonal shifts of menopause. Try a herbal supplement for menopausal women. They have Estroven , New Phase and lots of other kinds. They can also help reggulate your period so maybe you can get pregnant.


Lynn - April 2

I don't think I perimenapausal. My periods have been more regular the last 2 years than they were when I was younger. They are still coming on time, just not a normal flow. Besides, it would be awfully coincindential that it would occur at the exact same time I was starting artificial insemination. I am a virgin and have never taken birth control pills, so like I said, it would be an interesting coincidence.


jena - April 2

you didn't mention before that you are startng invetro? your doctor sounds like she's not the best - a quick exam and refuses to do a blood test? i'd be anxious to see a different doctor. i think you need a blood test. but what about your artificial insemination doctor? aren't they monitoring you?


Lynn - April 3

I did the artificial insemination myself. The place I ordered the sperm from mailed directly to your house if you wanted them to, and also sold a kit to help with the process.


jena - April 3

oh, i have never heard of that before but that makes more sense... does your doctor know about the insemination? even though it's an at-home process in your case, I wonder if your docs would be interested to know and see you again?


mika - April 3

i had a cyst which made me have alighter period and when it ruptured i skipped three periods - dont always believe what you read


Lynn - April 5

I did tell the obgyn about the insemination. I still can't believe she didn't notice the abdominal swelling. I'm going to wait to see what happens when my next period is due. If is shorter than the last one, I'll go back to the dr. I think I'll pick a different one though.



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