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Brooke - September 24

Hey ladies.. im not really sure if im pregnant or not but i need ur opinion.. im only 14 so all the help i can get i would love!! well heres my story.. so i had unprotected s_x on Sep.4th and i was suppose to get my period around Sep.10th but it never showed...then on last saturday i had brownish spots only when i would wipe after peeing.. this lasted for around 3 days. and it would go on and off throughout this time.. since then i have been getting a few signs like: Frequent headaches, peeing more, mood swings, and fluttering in my stomach..i decided to take a preg. test last night and it came out negative.. but i just still belive im pregnant.. do u think i could be pregnant??and it couldnt detect it yet in the test.. or is my body just playing tricks on me??


Victoria - September 24

Hi honey......I would go to the doc...sound's like you are! lots of times, test show negative results, but a simple blood test can confirm. is there anyone in the family you can talk with? your mom maybe?


Brooke - September 24

Thanks for ur thoughts victoria.. i hope there are others liek u to help me out there.. umm my mom and dad will not take this good at all!! well i told my sister finally about 2 days ago.. and she didnt take it good at first but now she is here for me if i need anything.. so ur pretty sure i am though??is there any other reason i would have spotting?? and my b___sts are not sore yet though and if i am pregnant i would be 3 weeks tomorrow.. thanks!


BROOKE! - September 27

hey.. i would really like it if some mothers or mothers to be could answer some of my questions.. since the post above i have been extremely tired.. and as for the date of the expected AF above im not positive if it was due in the 10th.. so im not sure how late i am .. but i know i am late.. i also got a stuffy nose today and feel like i could be coming down with the flu.. my body is starting to ache.. could this be another sign or more than likely not?? thanks!! <3 Brooke


bump - September 27

bumping.. hope someone will help!


Ashlee - September 27

Brooke, honey, it sounds like you are pregnant....can your sister take you to planned parenthood or anything like that? Can you talk to your mom or maybe your sister talk to your mom? i wish you the best of luck in your results.


spunky - September 28

I know you aren't going to want to hear this, but you need to talk to your mom about this because your symptoms sound favorable for being pregnant and your mom will know what to do. If you can't confide in her, I would trust in your sister (is she an adult). But if you are pregnant, you need to get the right kind of care too. If you don't want to confide in your family, call planned parenthood. They can help you too. good luck to you


mel - September 28

Hi, If your period was 1 day late when you did the pregnancy test, then I would say that it was correct and that you are not pregnant, however, if you tested before your period was late, then it could be wrong, and you need to test again when your peirod is late. GL!



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