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Elisabeth - March 27

The last time I had my period, I started on Feb. 11. I was suppose to start again on March 6th and haven't yet. I have taken 3 home pregnancy test and they were all negative. I have no idea when I ovulate. My questions are; could I still be pregnant? Could I be ovulating soon? How long do you ovulate before your period? Thanks ahead of time!!


Emma2 - March 27

I had my last period Feb 16 and im soon on my 6th week of pregnancy. I don't know what you mean by could i be ovulating soon? You cant O without having a period. I suggest you go visit your OBGYN and figure out if you are pregnant or why you didnt ovulate ...if you did O you would have had your period.


Lin - March 27

It's unlikely, though not unheard of, for you to be pregnant without a positive test this late. It is possible that you haven't ovulated yet. You might want to try using opks. Your period typically happens 10-16 days after ovulation. The length of time is variable from person to person but should be constant within a day or so each month for each person.


tish - March 27

elisabeth, you and i are in the same boat. my last period was feb 7, and i was due on march 10. i have taken several hpt's and they were all neg. i am going to the doctor tomarrow for a blood test. you could still be pregnant and just not have any hormone in your urine. or it could possibly be a cyst. if it were a cyst you would probably have some cramping or pain during s_x. i would make a doctors appointment either way just so to be on the safe side. the average leutal cycle is 14 days(the time between ovulation and your period.) if you need some help calculating your cycles, you could go to they have a great mentrual calculator. you can input pas periods and then calculate when you should be due for your period or when you should ovulate.


Elisabeth - March 27

Emma, I meant because I haven't had a period yet, could I be ovulating before my next period? Because I have no idea when my period will come, I have no idea when I'm ovulating. I have a doctors appt. on April 10th. I have had no pain during s_x or cramping. I did have lower back pains early this month (like those with periods) but never got my period. I also have had headaches the last few days and my urine has been a bit strong. Wasn't sure if those were signs or not. I want to buy another test, but don't want to be disappointed again. I will just wait till the doctors appt. Thanks again! Good luck tish, let me know how it turns out!



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