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cls003 - June 18

I have a lot of signs of pregnancy, but I haven't missed my period yet. It is due on June 25th, so I am anxiously awaiting being able to test. I'm going to buy a test on June 23rd. I have much larger and tender br___t, sore nipples, fatigue, back aches, head aches, leg cramps, nausea, mild cramping, I feel really bloated, and I am also having alot of discharge. I am just curious to see if anyone else have/had these symptoms so early? If I am pregnant I would be almost 4 weeks. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :-)


Danielle26 - June 18

How long are your cycles? If they're 28 days, then you'd only be a few days pregnant. Either way, you should wait until you're period is due to start testing to keep from being disappointed with negatives. Good luck!


kailaa - June 19

I'm going through a similar situation. I was due for af on June 10-14 nothing yet. negative urine test at doc office and hpt 5 days prior to when af was due. I'll wait with you! Baby dust to you!


Don.S - June 20

I'm just over three weeks late and have had similar symptoms, sore nipples, sickness, feeling bloated (cant hold the tummy in any more :-( and had some cramps too. I'm due to take a test this Friday so fingers crossed.


cls003 - June 20

kailaa & Don. S, I plan to test this weekend, but having to wait is driving me insane. I am now having mood swings, and a stuffy nose, and I read that those can be signs, as well. It seems no matter how much sleep I get I am extremely sleepy by the middle of the day. ( I have never been like this before.) Are either of you experiencing this too? I hope we all get what we are waing for. Baby Dust To Us All!


cls003 - June 20

Sorry, What we are *waiting* for.


lostinthewholeprocess - June 20

Im in the same situation like you girls, i got some symptoms, but they are just where i notice them, i dont want to obsess over the symptoms..



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