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Jennifer86 - February 6

Hello, I'm 21 years old and I've missed 3 periods now... 4th one should have come some time this week but so far hasn't. I've taken home pregnancy tests and visited my doc back in Dec. and had a urine test done there and all came back negative. I don't know if its just my mind playing tricks on me because I'm worried or what but I feel bloated, I cant sleep, I have to go to the washroom more often, tired all the time, having headaches and VERY moody. I'm not depressed but the smallest things are making me cry lately. My last period was on the 19th of Oct and lasted until the 25th. I normally have 28 day periods and have never missed a period in my life. I was like 2 weeks late once but that was it. I'm just very worried because I don't know what is going on.... There is SOMETHING going on with my body but I just don't know what it is.... Pregnancy seems to make the most sense to me but I don't know. I have made many appointments with my family doctor but I keep having to cancel them because I live out of town and weather has been very bad. Too bad to travel. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do or any words of wisdom?


cherryzz08 - February 6

Im 22, have been trying to conceive with my Hubby for 5 months (11dpo) today. Understand how serious this could be.. Ok hun. You need to find out WHY your periods stopped, if your not pregnant ofcourse. You may need to go on birth control pills to regulate your period. If all these tests were wrong your not Pregnant. If your trying, Im very sorry. You really need to get in there to see your doctor. I know how weather is I live in New England (rhode Island) The weather here changes every 5 minutes. LOL. Its RAINING bad now. But If my periods stopped like yours, I would want to know WHY? Is it possible you (were) pregnant, and You had a MC and They need to do A d&C. And the reason your hormones are going wacky is because of this. So Hun Go to the doctor, tell them to do a Ultrasound, incase your baby is fine ofcourse. Then get on Birth control pills to regulate your period. Then you can start trying again.. Good luck to you and may you have a guardian angel.



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