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Anon - November 9

I am now 3 days late. I am 99% accurate in saying that I am normally right on schedule, so this is a new occurance for me. I would normally have cramping about a week prior and br___t tenderness a couple of days prior. I have had no cramping whatsoever, but do have br___t tenderness. No spotting. Have had frequent headaches off and on during the past week. Took my first HPT today and it was negative. Any advice? Should I just "wait it out"? Or wait awhile and take another? If so, how long between intervals?


Viv - November 9

Not a whole lot to go on. hCG should double every few days. Testing at one week intervals is a reasonable solution. Neg or pos, you would probably want a doc visit if you miss the next period. Lots of luck!


Ash - November 10

Sometimes stress or even the slightest change in hormone levels can off balance a normally "clock work" cycle. I had very strange symptoms just before my last period, strange enough for me to ask questions myself. (Including, extremly sore b___sts for nearly 3 weeks straight and an odd discharge, ect). My period came a few days earlier than expected, but it did come. Sometimes your body just goes through "hiccup" phases. Even changes in activity level (or lack of) can effect your hormones and cycle. It's hard to say either way, but good luck!


Anon - November 14

Ok---since I've still haven't gotten my period, I'm going to give some more background and info. in hopes that someone/anyone can give a little insight as to what's going on. The first day of my last period was Oct. 10th. Usually lasts around 5-6 days. My boyfriend and I had s_x on Oct. 23rd and Nov. 5th. Since I am clockwork on a 28 day cycle, I was due to start on Nov. 6th. My b___sts are still sore to the touch. I have been having headaches more often than normal. I've had this "crampy" feeling off and on like my period was going to start for 3 days now. I have had a cold or allergy-like symptoms (runny nose, cough, slight scratchy sore throat)...however, those have subsided. Could the cold symptoms be related to a late/missed period? I took another htp test this morning with the first morning pee and still says negative. I've never been pregnant before, so I don't know "the feeling", but I do know that I've never been late, so I know "something's" going on. Any help would be appreciated!!!


Audrey - November 14

Anon, if you "feel" that something is going on, there probably is. My cycles are fairly irregular, sometimes going 6 to 8 weeks without a period. On Oct. 11th after having cramps and PMS symptoms for more than a week and no period, I realized something was different. Took a home test and it was +.


Anon - November 15 now I woke up this morning and still nothing. When I got to work and went to the bathroom, I have some brownish/slight tinge of red/goopy discharge. Not real sure if this is just my period late of if something else is going on. Any takers on that one?


Ash - November 15

Sounds like implantation bleeding, but given your timeline, implantation would have already taken place. Wait it out to see if the bleeding increases or remains spotty. Once you see what your bleeding does, you can test again in several days. If it gets heavier, I might chalk it up to a fluke, unless you start experiencing more symptoms. Come back to this thread and keep me/us updated. :)


E - November 15

Hi anon, see my thread t_tled - "Please read if you are late but preg test r negative". It may be helpful. Best wishes:)


Natalie H. - November 15

I had some cramping right before my period was due and I kept waiting but it didnt show. I even went to the bathroom thinking I started b/c the cramps were so strong but nothing. Is it true that the cramping causes you to bleed? I had them for about four days but my period never showed up. Any advice helpful??? Thanks~



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