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busybee986 - December 3

Hello, So, I have had the weirdest things happen to me over the last month and I dont know if they could be because of something else or if its possible that Im preg. But at the beginning of Nov. I started having the strangest mood one morning I was upset at my fiance for "not showing me he loved me enough" and then I called him back crying saying I was sorry and I just remember feeling so confused and fuzzy and lightheaded a lot of the time. Then maybe a week later I started having constipation which I never ever have, even when Im the most stressed...I had it for 2 weeks! I started taking fiber pills and they didnt help so I went to the doctor and she told me to take milk of magnesia which did its job except I still felt really full and bloated, and my stomach was still pudgy looking to me...usually that stuff just fixes the problem..this time it didnt..then 4 days later I was supposed to start my period and it was 2 days late. (Im on bc btw). and on the 3rd day I had really bad cramps for like an hour and expected a full flow and only got a brown spot..and then nothing..and then the next day it was basically like discharge but light pinkish..def not my usually ontime heavy period ( I have endometriosis)...anyways, but my constipation seemed to have fixed itself and the full bloaty feeling went away..but I didnt have the rest of my period..only those two days I had extremely small amount of almost nothing...tmy "period" has been over for 3 days now and yesterday and today I have gotten up the eaten and I cant finish my food before I feel like Im going to throw it up and I get nausea and have to stop..and it happened yesterday while I was driving this could sound a lot like pms, except weird things are still happening past my period which basically seemed like it never came..btw, I took a preg. test on the 6th day when my period was supposed to be and it said neg...should I just keep waiting to see if everything goes back to normal or go to the doctor? I just dont want to sound like an idiot if I think Im preg and im not so I thought I would ask your opinions first. sorry this is soooo long! thanks a million!


mjvdec01 - December 3

Don't take anymore bc pills just in case you are pregnant. I would wait a few more days and see what happens. If af doesn't show then take another hpt. Use a name brand like First Response, wether it is neg or not call the doctor for an appointment. If you are not pregnant you may need something to jump start your mensus. You should also ask the doctor to do a quant_tative hcg blood test. This test will tell you the exact level of hcg in your system, anything 25 or over is positive for pregnancy. Don't get the qualitiative hcg, that one will only tell you preg. not pregnant. I sortof ramble, hope this all makes sense. Good luck.


Teddyfinch - December 4

actually when you're on b/c there's no need to have a period. the pill works by keeping ovulation from happening...usually. so it's not totally abnormal to skip a period on the pill. but definitely check with your doc and let them know what's going on.



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