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becca2 - October 12

15DPO very dark BFP!! Very happy had mild nausea, vomitting. Difference with this cycle was ovulation spotting. Feel free to ask me questions i was charting temps, recording cm or if you have any early symtoms questions i may be able to help you now :)


js to becca2 - October 13

Did the ovulation spotting occur before, after or during ovulation?? My girlfriend had spotting around what could have been ovulation time, but we don't know for sure if it was ovulation spotting or implantation bleeding. We has s_x 5 days before her spotting occured. It was brown and lasted 3 days. what was yours like and when did it start??


js - October 13

also, did you notice increased discharge along with your spotting? I know my GF mentioned this. Thank you so much if you can help


Chrissyj - October 13

Becca2 that is great news!!!Good luck 2 u.How long did it take to get preg?


to js - October 13

I had a red spot on tp the first day i started then i had a brownish discharge (like after af) for 5 days and the last 3 or 4 days i had lots of stretchy cm mixed with the brown discharge then the brown discharge stopped and i had lots of stretchy ewcm for about 3 days before i o'd, i didnt notice any ewcm on oulvation (thats what is meant to happen) If you think your gf is pg and this was implatation spotting it would show up on a HPT now. Hope this helped.


js to becca2 - October 13

Thank you so much for answering. So is it safe to a__sume most of the spotting actually occurs after Ovulation? Your helping me so much. TY


becca2 - October 13

I was on the pill for about a year then stopped in feb this year so have been off it for 6 mths but started TTC in July my cycles have been very long 39, 39 and this last one would have been 58 so this is my 3rd cycle TTC.


Allison - October 13

I have a question!! Ok..I have has a baby before..but I think I may be pragnent again. I keep having this feeling like my stomic will get really sore like I just did a bunch of chrunches..but I havent done anything but sit on my b___t and play with my daughter. I dont remember if I felt this before I found out I was preg. before..and I havent missed my period yet. Do you remember feeling that? Help!! e-mail me at:


Crissy - October 13

I have been having a lot of other symptoms.. but I have been cramping for almost a week now.. they feel a lot like mentral cramping but they feel lower... is this a sign of pregnancy?


Lauren - October 13

Thanks so much! If i am experiencing cramping and heartburn along with light bleeding and acne is that any sign? and can i take a test tomorrow?


Chrissyj - October 13

I was just wondering b/c this is our first mo. ttc.I stopped taking the pill last mo.Hope to be preg soon!!!!


to js,allison crissy - October 13

TO JS: ovulation spotting for me was before i o'd and lasted about 5 days some women have it for a day on ovulation. If you know when your gf o'd and it was a week after that you noticed this spotting then it could it implatation bleeding. TO ALLISON & CRISSY: I had real bad cramps 14DPO the day i expected af in my stomach it felt like i had gas and nausea and af cramps all at once and i also ached in back and thighs it felt like i had a bad flu virus where you ache all over i just felt sick. Before then though i didnt feel any pains but everyone is different, if this pain is different for you then i think you could be pg. Good luck.


to lauren - October 13

about testing you can test 10DPO. I tested 15DPO 2days after i missed my af as i have wasted too much money with the last two cylces. Those symtoms are all pg symptoms. Good luck and let us know what your test results are.


Lauren - October 13

Thanks! I appreciate the help and support, with the exception of a few, and I will keep you posted!


kendra - October 13

becca2, wat abt ur bbs? do u hv any sore bbs? u mention tat ur cycle has been long, did u do anything to know ur ovu date or u jus did it at the right timing? i m curious to know coz i m a long cycler also but i use none to predict my ovu date. we jus bd when i felt wet. i hv been hving very sore bbs, headaches, back pain, knee pain, mild nauseus now & then, & tis wk, i hv been feeling esp dry though tis mornin when i did a finger check, i saw ewcm, so we bd right away! i m gettin crazy too coz since it's long cycle (48days), i hv another 2 wks to wait! :) thks for any input.


me - October 13

hi my bbs have been sore since 3 dpo they tingled at 1st and now they just ches and feel heavy, i have been having hot flashes since o,i had bad cramping on 6dpo like af was here i was very hot and had a heat rash and hot flash and lower backpain with it. i have been ttc for 16 months now and never have experienced that in the 2ww. then all day at 7dpo i had mild cramps on and off then they just disappeard until now at 9dpo they r very mild and come and go again. i have had no spotting and my skin seems to have cleared over night and i feel so energetic today. i dont feel so warm today a bit chilly and the shoulder aches i had since o have gone today its like all my signs have just gone. i am testing at 10dpo tomorrow to see if i can get a pos but its that cramp i had i have never had anything like that before. i really did think af was comming on really strong it lasted 15 minutes and then went doesn anybody have any ideas?


kendra - October 13

hi me .. keep us in touch when u test!



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