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kendra - October 13

hi me .. keep us in touch when u test!


kendra - October 13

hi me .. keep us in touch when u test! gd luck!


me - October 13

hi kendra thanks alot do you think i could have had implantation considering my body has never done this before in 16 months


Lesley - October 13

I was wondering if you had heartburn at anytime


Hi - October 13

To becca2 - Did you BD the day bof O or the day before O???


d - October 13

Congrats Becca2... Lots of happiness to you. Any chance your veins are popping out on your bb's?


Lauren - October 13 lately i have been having some very strrange symptoms and i need ure opinion on whats going on. I started taking birth control nearly four weeks ago and started the non-hormonal portion this past sunday so i would ahve expected my period in the next few days. During the last few weeks while on the pill, i experience unprotected s_x(a mistake i know dont kill me for it...i am human) while i possibly was fertile. My period has yet to come (5 days since non-hormonal pill) however the past three days i have had a brownish discharge with cramping in my lower abdomen accompanied by sharp pains here and there. Also, i am breaking out like no other, esp on my back and face. Also, im having certain cravings (a lot of sweets) and milk, along with a rejection of other more nutritios foods which make me nausious. I took a pg test this morning and it was negative. so wat could be the cause of my symptoms??


???? - October 13

Is becca2 still around??


rachel - October 13

i could be pregnant, if i am, i would be about 4 weeks, didnt feel any signs, just pain on my lower tummy, what did you feel when u was 4 weeks, when was ur first sign of pregnancy and when? and wat was it


to kendra, me,lesley - October 13

I chart my temps with fert_tilty friend so yes i know when i o'd every mth. I only had sore nipples after i o'd for 3 days which is normal for me but nothing after that i did notice 14DPO that they looked slightly bigger. I had blue veins on upper thighs in late afternoon but nowhere else. I didnt get heartburn and i really didnt feel pregnant until 14DPO when i started feeling real sick and aching everywhere.


to lauren - October 13

yes it is possible that you are pg, it usually takes 2-3 mths in kick in but the symptoms could be because you have started the pill and your hormones are all over the place. I would go to docs if concerned and ask them. If you think you are pg stop taking the pill until confirmed. Hope that helps


to rachel - October 13

i didnt feel pg until 14DPO when i felt aching in back and thighs and vomitted in morning smelling milk, was extremely tired nothing ive felt before and had to go home from work to rest. I think back now and i had mild nausea and was turned off diary especially milk. I was very irrat_table and snapped a lot. But other then that nothing really that stood out to say that i was pg. pain in lower tummy is a good sign. Good luck and keep us updated.


jg to becca 2 - October 13

I am 5 days late and I have had heartburn for two of those days. I am tired all the time but I work 5 days a week and I have felt sick lately but I havent thrown up. Do u think im preg? Should I take a test yet?Please help me if you can. Thanks


to jg - October 13

if you are late and know when you o'd then your are probably pg, your symptoms sound like you are. I would take a test, if you are it will definitely show up. Good luck!!


jg - October 13

how do i figure out when i o'd and how does it work? thanks for ur help


becca2 - October 13

I charted temps for about a year, been off the pill for 6 mths and this was our 3rd mth TTC. I didnt ovulate straight off the pill for about 2-3 mths and this last mth i had ovulation spotting which means that i was very fertile (which also makes me think that i havent been ovulating properly until this last mth. If you chart with fertility friend they tell you when you o all you have to do is take temps every morning and record it. It makes life a lot easier TTC. Also you record your cm which also tells you when you ovulate. Hope that helps.



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