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becca2 - October 13

I charted temps for about a year, been off the pill for 6 mths and this was our 3rd mth TTC. I didnt ovulate straight off the pill for about 2-3 mths and this last mth i had ovulation spotting which means that i was very fertile (which also makes me think that i havent been ovulating properly until this last mth. If you chart with fertility friend they tell you when you o all you have to do is take temps every morning and record it. It makes life a lot easier TTC. Also you record your cm which also tells you when you ovulate. Hope that helps.


jg - October 13

thanks so much. i will keep u posted and if i have any more questions ur the first i will come to. thank you so much


to jg - October 13

no worries i hope it helped a bit i know how frustrating it can be not getting answers. Good luck with testing!!


jg - October 13

thanks for everything. i took the test and i am preg


TO JG - October 13

CONGRATS!!! Thats really good news, hope you have a happy stress free 9 mths!!!


ChrissyJ - October 13

To JG.Thats great news!!Hope I can say the smae soon.


Mrs A.D - October 13

4 years ago i used microgynon pills as I was told that i have this imbalance hormone. I used to have 2-3 weeks period when i was single.But when i used the pills, my period ends 4-5 days only. I stopped the pills in July as I get married last Aug. My last period was from 2-6th Aug. But til to today i was 1 mth 14 days late. I went to see a doctor last mth when i was 10 days late cos i was really ill and told the doctor my situation. I did a urine test on the same day but came out negative. The doctor said maybe my body trying to normalise my body without the pills. I used pt again on 23rd sept but came out negative. But i need more explanation and feedback. I was hoping to get pregnant. Please advise me what to do..thank u


to mrs a.d - October 13

having a history of imbalance hormones it could be your body is trying to adjust but you know your body more then anyone so if you think you could be pg or something else is not right i would go back to docs and ask for a blood test to see whats up. Let us know your results, good luck!!


Allison - October 14

Have another question! soon do you start having heartburn when you are preg.? We are tring to have a baby..and I think we timed everything right..but I'm a week to soon to take a test..but I have been having the worst heartburn!! I was just wondering how soon everyone else felt it!! Kepp me posted!


Friend - October 14

Congrats Becca! I was wondering if your nipples were sore because mine are and it's not a typical symptom I've ever had actually. I would be about 5 weeks.


reena - October 14

HI becca 2 congrats on your success whish you healhty 9 months, i have a quick question for ya!! since iu have mentioned that u were spotted on ovulation days which meant that u were really fertile!!? right? i am having the same thing i am testing my ovulation, my cycles are really long and im using mini ovulation micorscope for tetsing and its showing that om ovulation since it showed me i spotted for two day , the firs day when it showed me that o ovulated , we bed and i spotted 5 hours after bedding and the next day i tested and it was positive and i spotted but it was brownish discharge but the forst day i spotted was red and i wipped almost 5 times it came out red i thougth i started AF since i have no clue about my cycles, So tell me when should i do test and this spotting means that im, really fertile. i spotted yesterday and today so please let me know should i bed today ?


Mrs A.D - October 15

ladies.. im quite new here.. im lost with ovulation time. im not really sure my ovulation day, how to calculate, how to spot and etc.. im really excited to get pregnant. my appointment will be this 19th oct.. wish me luck..


Heather - October 15

Becca2: Congrands on your bfp!! I have a question tho. ok... im around 14dpo and i have been having cramps and bloated off and on sense the 6th of this month (which would have been around 6dpo aslo) and i have been having backace's and headace's bad these past 2 days. Well i took a hpt today and it was bfn, well like 5 minutes later i felt "wet" down there, went to the bathroom and BAM blood. But its no red, its a light pink and its just a little. Some ppl are saying implantation bleeding?!?! Did you spot before you had your bfp?! and when?!


to heather, reena, friend... - October 16

to allison heartburn is a early pg symptom but i didnt get it through my 2ww i did get it on saturday night, im now in my 5th week. to friend i didnt get sore nipples only after i o'd, i did feel that my b___sts felt fuller and this morning one of my nipples got itchy. to reena i spotted 5 days before i o'd but it can happen during ovulation or after so keep looking out for ewcm and keep bd even if its every 2nd day. to heather no i didnt spot before my bfp only during o, i would wait a few days and if you havent got af test again if it is ib it will show in a day or two. GOOD LUCK!!! to mrs a.d Good luck and all the best!!


Julie - October 17

Congratulations Becca2.... that is absolutely wonderful. What were your temps like? Were they high? This is my first month temping and I am trying to figure out if I Ovulated. I went to the doctor on 10/6 and up until then I had not - but I should have. My last period was Sept 10th and its Oct 17 and nothing. Very confused with this temping....


PJ - October 17

Can you share your chart on FF?



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