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PJ - October 17

Can you share your chart on FF?


Julie - October 17

To PJ, I am not using fertility friend, I have tried with no luck to get on ff. I have been using an excel spreadsheet. When I went to the doctor, he saw it and said some of the dates looked promising, but he wanted to make sure, that is when he ordered the blood work to see if I infact did, and he said the results came back at .333 = annovulatory, but I have not gotten my period yet. Is there another website I can enter my temps so you can see them?


Lori - October 17

Becca2- I have a quick question for you, did you notice any creamy lotion like cm before AF was due?


Deb - October 17

Becca congrats! I admire that you are out here sharing your symptoms and responding to all of our questions. You are an angel. Can you post your ff friend url so we can see your chart and the days you bd? This is my 6th month ttc and 4th month using ff. I am not due till the 24th and just wanted to compare your temps to mine. Thanks!!!!


Rosa2583 - October 17

I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 months now and no luck :( I am suppose to have my next period October 20th but I took a pregnancy test this morning...was it to soon? If I was pregnant...should I be feeling any symptoms at this point?


my chart - October 17

my chart at ff is hope that helps i did have higher temps as it usually starts going down 10DPO but on the 12th i had a very high temp from warm night so discarded that one. I didnt have any creamy cm this time usually i notice this before my af but this time i didnt have any but it could have been because i had thrush. My best advice i can give you ladies who r TTC (and i know this may be real hard as ive been there too) try not to think about it to much i tried for 2 mths making sure we bd at the right time then taking nurmerous hpts before my af but this last mth i made myself promise not to stress about it coz you can bd at the perfect time each mth but if something isnt right it wont happen (trust me we got the days right those 2 mths) so we just enjoyed this last mth bd when we felt up to it and i even missed a few temps then we went away on hols the first w of 2ww and then i made sure (trust me it was VERY hard) not to test before i missed one day of af and it happened im still in shock!!! So good luck and try to relax if you know you r O'ing just bd without missing more then 3 days and enjoy it dont read to much into it, its a miracle and if you remember this it helps because there really is nothing you can do (except bd that kinda helps) to make it happen sooner it will happen when the time is right.


Deb - October 18

Thanks Becca! Good luck with your pregnancy!!


Mrs A.D - October 19

Went to doctor this morning.. Guess what.. when the doctor asked for pregnancy test and i went to toilet and found myself my period... what a waste hehe..


Rosa2583 - October 19

Sorry to hear that Mrs. A.D....I was suppose to get mine today as well and until now I have not :) I am really hoping that this month is the month...but I just did a pregnacy test and it said negative may just be late :(.


Allison - October 19

I have a question for you guys..right before you find out your are pregnant, do you have a little higher temp...? Mine is usahlly 98.8..and for the past 2 or 3 days its been 99.2. I didnt know if that had anything to do with anything..but I know the first day of my last per. was the 28th of september. Keep me posted please..oh and how soon could I take a test (besides the whole 1st day I miss my per.)


to allison - October 19

Thats sounding good yes your temps are high and they down go down like what you see before you get af and you can test 10DPO but it all depends on when implantation occurs so its different for everyone. GOOD LUCK!!!


Allison - October 19

Thanks..I'm praying I'm preg! I really want to be..I have an 18 mon old now..and we are wanting another one soo bad! We tried to plane it right..The first day of my last per. was the 28th of sep. and we did it on the 7th and the 9th of October. So far I have had a lot of cramping..and not only in my stomic but also in my back and a lot of heart burn..and now my morning sickness or ne thing with my b___sts..but you never know..!! I am wanting to take a test sooo bad..but I know if I took one now it is to soon..(I took one today anyway as wishful of coure..but I'm praying!!)


Cindi - October 21

Do you discharge more when pregnant


tab - October 21

has any woman had a burning sensation in uterus and was preg? My af is due today, I had this burning sensation, but she isn't here yet.


CC - October 21

Hello everyone, I have a question about if I could be pregnant. My first day of my last period was on Sept 28. 05 and ended October 4,05. I had unprotected s_x using the withdrawl method thewhole week of October 10,2005. I started cramping and bleeding today, its red with brown in it and i did not expect a period to come until next week or the first week in Nov. this will be my second child if i am pergnant and with her the same sort of thing occured , I did take a home pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative, is it to soon, sed can anyone help? PS I am feeling tired and a little increasein appet_te.


Jessica - October 21

Hi Ladies, I'm new to this site and have a few questions. My last period was September 28th. This is month 6 of trying and praying this is the month it happens. My breats have been pretty tender since Oct. 18th, yesterday had some cramping on and off all day and this morning had some pinked blood after i went to the bathroom. I'm wondering if this could be "implantation bleeding" what do you think?



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