Pregnant Here Are My Signs

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Carol - March 14

The past month I have been reading this board like crazy to find out if I am pg. Well, I got my BFP this weekend. So, I thought that I would post my symptoms to try and help ya'll out. I really didn't have much - burping more, heartburn a couple of times, sometimes a mild wave of nausea, but went away instantly. The biggest clues for me were the weird feelings in my lower(bikini line) stomach - sort of like tugging feelings, a hot flash around the day of implantation (very noticeable - not just got warm, my husband said all of a sudden my face looked like I had a really bad sunburn and I had to fan myself to keep cool) and the wicked moodiness. I think I cried like three times for no real reason. This is very unlike me. I have had no br___t pain, but they have gotten bigger, and I have only started to get tired the past three or four days. I hope this helps some of you and GOOD LUCK. Oh, and don't give up hope. I was 100% positive that I wasn't PG.....


Pam - March 14

Carol, I forgot to ask you how far along are you?


Dawn - March 14

That was very helpful...I am 7-8 DPO today and I'm VERY's 30 degrees outside and I ran an errand with the window cracked...possible implantation day!! I have all the cla__sic signs, along with the lower center cramps, too...thanks for the info!


jen xx - March 14

congrats to u carol... i have had a real achy sorta feeling in my lower belly ( just below me belly b___ton) for about 4wks now, af arrived 4 days late but only lasted for 2 n half days.. tested last week but it was neg..


jen xx - March 14

4got to add.. also have bad back, achy b___bs, bad gas, peein more, n it looks like some one has drawn on me wiv a blue pen.. (got blue veins everywhere)


Ana - March 14

Hi Dawn! I'm 7DPO today too and I'm very hot too. And today I'm so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open. I don't have any other symptoms, if they can be called symptoms. I hope I'm not comming down with something.


Dawn - March 14

Ana, I think we're onto something here! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you...It's a__suring knowing someone else is on the same schedule and is also feeling "hot" today...I just went to the potty and closed my eyes for a while...keep me posted! ~baby dust to you~!!


Lissylou - March 15

I have just tested BFP today and feeling disbelieve. Have been TTC since december and can not believe the First Response (positive, faint line). If I am pregnant, I dont know how far gone I am. My AF's are usually very heavy and normally 6-7 days. But on 14th Feb I had a very unusual showing - It was brownish stuff not like a period at all and only last 3 days. Im going to Doc's thurs to confirm, and will in the meantime have another Test done. Would anybody know how far pregnant I am? January's period was 16th Jan. Do not know if February's showing was implantation or not, as it was brownish and only lasting 3 days. HELP?


Audrey - March 15

Lissylou- If that was implantation that you had on Feb. 14th and your LMP was Jan. 16th then you have a fairly long cycle. My guess is that you're approximately 7 weeks now.


erika - March 15

this is for Lissylou im in the saME boat a__s you..i got my period jan 15th it lasted 6 days..then on feb i was supposed to start on the 25th..& nothing that morning but @ night i started getting brownish discharge then very light blood..then discharge n it lasted 3 days..when i get my period i last about 7 days veryn scared to take a test cause i dont wanna hear neg ;*( but i dont know if that was implantion bleeding or just a wierd period help me! ;*(


Lissylou - March 16

Erika, When is your AF due? I took pregnancy test two days after my expected period and have taken another today (Both Positive). Go and buy First Response and do test when you are due! Im still in shock because I have had Endometriosis for 18 years and my Fiance only had his vas reversal Aug, and did not expect to get pregnant this early, But very very happy. Baby dust to you I shall keep my fingers crossed for you, Keep me posted?


Lissylou - March 16

Thanks Audrey, I appreciate your reply.


erika - March 16

hey Lissylou congrats on ur pregnancy..gaww ur so lucky if i do start this month it will be around the 25th or sooner..but i really hope it doesnt come @ all...i got a question though..if it wasnt implantion bleeding..then wouldnt i have started my period a couple of days after the spotting n discharge? or no!


Lissylou - March 17

Erica, I think Implantation can take place any time from Ovulation up until your expected AF. My Implantation happened on the 1st day of expected AF. The Nurse has confirmed that I am nearly 9 weeks pregnant and my scan is 15th April. I just hope the baby is healthy. Im still in shock and you never know, you may well be shocked next week, when you take your pregnancy test. Good Luck, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you! Love Lissylou x


Lissylou to Erika - March 31

Hi, How are things? Did you test positive or not? Dying to know. Fingers Crossed. Baby Dust N All



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