PREGNANT Information And Symptoms

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Lilly - November 17

Ok I just got a positive test (first response) at 6 pm, even though they say its best to do in the morning!!! It is 14 days post ovulation. I haven't had any nausea!! I just noticed that I've been feeling warm/cold an my temps were up, also sometimes some mild tugging or light light cramping in lower abdomen bu not likt af is due, usually you know when its coming... also some cold like symptoms, runny nose, sneezing but that didn't sound lke pregnancy to me. Took test 10 days post ovulation and got a negative... OOOHHHH and also right after I concieved I had some itching and burning down there , almoist like a mild yeast infection but it went away after a few days. I just learned thats because from the moment of conception, pregnancy changes the chemistry of your va___a. I didn't want to get pregnant at all!!!!! Totaly shocked!! baby dust to all!!!!!


Lilly - November 17

also no headaches, sore b___sts or anything... barely any symptoms just had this feeling....


naysa - November 17

Congrats...Did you have any IB?


Lilly - November 17

nope I didn't have any... just white creamy discharge


Ashley - November 17

Congrats Lilly! I got my + at 9dpo with First Response Early Response. Kept testing everyday after that until af pa__sed. I am now 15dpo. I don't have any nausea either. No headahces. My b___sts are really sore, but with my first pregnancy there was no sore b___sts or anything at all. Good luck. when is your due date? You should join us at Baby Poops thread. There are quite a few of us who just got our BFP's


Lilly - November 17

considering I just found out, I hust did the projected due date thing online and its jult 16th !!!


Em - November 18

Lilly, you should join us at the baby poops thread, you will be in good company w/ your July due date. There were five bfp this month. Also we have tow, me one of them due in June! Good luck and come look us up.


dannygirl - November 18

ok what are the chances that i could be pregnant???? I started bleeding heavy on the 16th and that turned into like a brown discharge not really even bloody that night. I have all the symptoms you were talking about... and my nipples are still sore. they are never sore this long



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