Pregnant After Vasectomy

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kim - March 14

has anyone out there gotten pregnant after 4 or more years since vasectomy? I think I am , period is 8 days late and many other signs as well, this would be my 4th pregnancy, sooo hoping I am! I have 2 girls , would love a boy!


W.I. - March 15

I hope you are! My hub just had one in late Jan. We have one child thats 7. We had second thoughts so we are trying during "the short window." we'll see!


M.D. - March 15

I would like to know that to. I am also late and I don't know if I am just trying to make myself think I could be pregnant or if it is actually possible.


kim - March 15

it's good to know others are in the same boat! I can't wait for the good new about my lil miracle! Prayers are with you! :)


W.I - March 15

Did you take a preg. test yet? I am far too impatient to wait : )


kim - March 15

no not yet , I want to wait till the end of the month to make sure.....


kat - April 9

I don't know, but it's been 7 years since my husbands vasectomy and I think I may be pregnant as well! I missed an entire month...something that has never happend (except for when I was pregnant) I too have 2 girls, but not sure that I REALLY want anymore. I'm 34 and can't see us doing "the baby thing" all over again...(although I would certainly consider it a miracle:) ) too nervous to take a test just yet...will wait out the weekend and see what happens. Any news on you yet? Are you pregnant?


W.I - April 10

Hi all, thisis probably my last time for my "window" of opportunity. I still hope that I can have a second baby. We BOTH were "done with one" and had a change of heart shortly afterward. Oh well things sure could be worse. I am lucky to have a great, healthy child! : )


Angie - April 10

Girls medicine isnt an exact science. I had my tubes tied almost 3 years ago and low and behold I got pregnant twice since then. Unfortunatly they both ended in m/c, but I'm so happy they grew back. YEAH for me cause I totally regret it now. Dh and I are trying to concieve again. Wish me and all of you lots of baby dust.


Heather - April 12

My husband just had a vasectomy about 9 months ago shortly after our baby girl was born, but now I'm really wishing we didn't have it done. We have four beautiful children and they are such a blessing, but I am getting depressed thinking this is it. Maybe we should have waited a while before making it so final. It is encouraging that there are some out there that have gotten pregnant after their husband had a vasectomy though. I'll just keep hoping and praying we get a miracle.:)


v.j - April 15

I have 2 girls and a boy so I should be happy shouldn't I? but |Idesperstely want another, my husband had his vasectomy 5 years ago and I pray for another baby. have you had your pregnancy confirmed yet? I hope its + as this would be great news for you and give me hope.


Jackie - April 15

Funny to see that I am not alone. I'm not as late as all of you, but there is still that glimmer of hope. I thought that I wasn't getting that urge again, but as soon as I'm a day late, it comes back again. My husband had his vasectomy after our baby girl was born. We have two older sons also. He was definately done after we got our little girl. I still wasn't quite so sure, but I have been fine with it. I have been secretely hoping that his vasectomy would fail. Good luck to all of you!


B.D. - April 15

my husband had a vas. 2.5 years ago and i still cry over it at times. i am late, which is rare and i'm's not totally unusual to have the vasectomy reca___lize. i won't take a test until i've gone longer because i'm too scared!


MO - April 15

My husband had one done about 5 years ago after my second child. I think I had my period in January but not sure. It is now April. No period. My husband k=noticed my breats were kinda swollen the other day. Could it be? Pregnant. I haven't had a test yet. Very nervous!


k.c. - April 18

Oh my goodness - I am a few days late. My husband had a vasectomy five years ago and this is the first time I even considered that I may be pregnant. I have two beautiful children and the youngest is 6. I am 42 years old! Yikes - I am scared and excited at the same time. My husband might not be so excited though...


Rayne - April 20

I posted this on the main boad but thought I would try here also. Hoping someone may be able to give me some insight on what in the world is going on with me. LMP was March 5th, which put my period due around the weekend of April 1st. I am always VERY regular...pretty much to the day. Hubby and I had our 3rd daughter June 2002 and also our 3rd c-section. We were told during the section that my uterus had bruising and a very thin spot and if it had been left any long it would have fully abrupted. We were advised not to have any more children so hubby went and had a vasectomy 3 weeks later (July 2002). Fast-forward to now and without really thinking too much until yesterday I am almost 3 weeks late. I've had headaches for the past 2 weeks, VERY MILD cramping (if you'd call it that) off and on, a little light headedness and a lot of discharge almost at time like I wet myself (not flattering at all) I've never been one to have any of the "typical" pregnancy symptoms with our other 3 girls. Also, we got pregnant the first month each time when we tried with our girls. The other thing is since our last daughter was born (obviously I wouldn't be on birth control pills which I always was before) but I now ovulate and WOW does it hurt. I usually have 1 day where sometimes the pain is horrible, and I have a LOT of discharge (not to gross you out but *slimey* like egg whites) This was one of those months as well. I am only 32 so I'm thinking i'm too young to start menopause. Could this all be just a hormonal thing or could I possibly be pg??? Oh and for those wondering I have ONLY been with my husband :)


cinderella - April 22

i had my tubes tied or destroyed 31/2 years ago, i'm on medication for bipolar and i'm now 5 days late?? has anyone had this happen? could i be pregnant?



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