Pregnant After Vasectomy

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cinderella - April 22

i had my tubes tied or destroyed 31/2 years ago, i'm on medication for bipolar and i'm now 5 days late?? has anyone had this happen? could i be pregnant?


Princess - April 22

well I dont know about 4 yrs but my best freinds dad had a vasectomy and that was about 20 yrs ago Mandi is 19 ..apparently they didnt wait long enough for it to heal or


Amy - April 22

I am 35 and never late. My boyfriend had a vasectomy several years ago and we've had unprotected intercouse for the past five years. I am currently 3 days late, sore b___sts, tired. Could I possibly be pregnant? I so hope so! Has this happened to anyone out there? I have a male friend who had a vasectomy and then three kids afterwards! Good luck to you all, and wish me luck!


Amy - April 22

My boyfriend had a vasectomy many years ago. We have been having unprotected s_x for five years. Now I'm late, which never happens. I have sore b___sts, fatigue, etc. Could I be pregnant? I so hope so. Has anyone out there had the same experience to find they're pregnant. Please! I'm looking for answers. -Amy


Kisthefrog - April 22

My husband decided on his own that he was going to have a vasectomy and he went ahead and did it three days after my first child was born. He has three boys from his first marriage and did not want anymore. I was so hurt and I have been mad at him ever since then. It has been 4 1/2 years and now in Nov. I am going to go get a sperm donor and have another baby. Every time my b___sts start to get sore the week before my period my heart sinks I hope and prey to GOD that I am pregnant and my period has been irregular lately and it is so depressing that I am not pregnant. I have everything ready for a baby. I have been buying things now for about 9 months waiting for time moment I get to hold another baby in my arms. I always thought that the reason why I want a baby is to have a girl, but when I was buying boy things for my sister-in-law I decided that I don't care what I have I just want a baby.


TIA - April 22



Amy - April 23

Sorry all. I am not pregnant after all. I took a test and it was negative. Then I got my period maybe an hour later. I wish you all the best. I just think I wanted it so much it would happen. Good luck to everyone out there. Amy


Janny - April 24

It happened to me. My husband had a vasectomy 8 months ago and we just found out I am 8 weeks pg. Needless to say he is not happy. We are both in shock because we are in our 40's. But I am starting to get excited.


V.J - April 25

Kim, are you pregnant after all?


ann - April 27

I am 42 with five children ages 5 thru 19. My husband had a vasectomy five years ago and I am a couple weeks late. I had two v____als, c-sect, vbac and v____al in that order and the last one caused a uterine rupture. In the OR she advised me not to have any more so I am a little nervous. But I am excited at the prospect. Haven't done the HPT yet. Too chicken.


leah - April 28

I am hopeful. My husband had a vas 1wk to the day after our daughters birth.He had 2, I had 1, we got one together. We conceived wedding night, this was very hard. We will be married 5 years soon. We both regret the hasty vas. I pray that God undoes our doing.


michelle - May 2

My husband had a vas almost 6 years ago after the birth of our twin boys. He had complained at the beginning of this month of pain and a lump, i had read that this more than likely was a sign of it reattaching but thought nothing of it. i missed my period this month and took a HPT this weekend with a + result gonna wait another week and take another, we have 4 wonderful children and we are in our early 30's we are both considering this a blessing, it is possible so if u want it bad enough dont give up


Nichole - May 2

My boyfriend had a vasectomy 12 years ago and today after 2 years of being together I found out I am pregant. Not exactly what I wanted and very Shocked of this possibilty


Tanya - May 3

It's nice to see others out there feel the same way! My husband had one 2 years ago after my son was born and I've had second thoughts ever since. I was only 26 and my husband 29 when it was done so I feel we were to young. I hope and pray every day that maybe there is a chance I can have another baby someday and some of you have gave me a little hope!


JM - May 3

Hi ladies. I too wanted a baby after my husband had his vasectomy 1 month after our daughter was born. I finally talked him into a vasectomy reversal. He had his surgery March 16 and this is our first month ttc. My last af was 4/11 and I am due for next af on 5/10. I am having nausea,slight cramping,sore b___st,and light headed. I hope you all get what you want and lots of luck


Kristie - May 4

Hello, my husband and I have four children, after number 4 we just knew that we were done! So my husband had a vas. We just had it reversed march 25, 2005. I am due for af on 5/10. I hope that it doesn't come. I am also having the sore b___bs and cramping. Realistically how soon can you take a home test? People think that we are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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