Pregnant After Vasectomy

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Kristie - May 4

Hello, my husband and I have four children, after number 4 we just knew that we were done! So my husband had a vas. We just had it reversed march 25, 2005. I am due for af on 5/10. I hope that it doesn't come. I am also having the sore b___bs and cramping. Realistically how soon can you take a home test? People think that we are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michele - May 6

A brief history: Oct2001 - husbands vas Nov2001 - pregnant w/#3(didn't follow directions-oops) Dec2001 - dr. says hubbie is sterile June2003 - Pregnant w/#4(vas. reattached) Aug2003 - vas. #2 Sept2003 - all clear again Feb2004 - the medical miracle is born NOW--I'm a week late & have pregnancy symptoms. Really, what are the odds of this happening twice? Once you vas. reattaches is it more likely to do it again?


Jm - May 7

Kristie, HI Did your hubby have a sperm check yet? My hubby is suppose to have his checked next week. We just thought we would try to see if anything comes of it.


twylyt - May 9

Michele...any news yet? this may be a scary thing for you, but your situation has given me lots of needed hope, thanks! just know that if you are pregnant again that child must have a VERY important roll to play in this world, be comforted by that:)


Kristie - May 9

Hi jm. No we have not had his sperm count checked yet. We feel like if it is ment to be it will be. But I am sure if it does not happen in a few months we will have it checked. I am waiting for af to come. I feel like I could be pregnant but who knows if it is just in my head. Our doctor told us that it could take three months before the sperm count would be up. Good luck to you.


JM - May 9

Hi Kristie, Thats what we decided. If it happens then its ment to be. I also feel like af is coming. The dr told us that it could take anywhere between 3-6 months for the sperm to acc_mulate. He gave us a 75% chance to conceive. My hubby had sperm present in the right side and none in the left side. So my chances are not that good. If god wants us to have another child then it will happen. Good luck to you and lots of baby dust.


Kristie - May 10

jm how are you feeling today? I have been so nauseated that I can't stand it, and having headaches. I am going to take a test on thursday if I have not started yet. I am not having cramps anymore, my b___bs are still very sensitive. baby dust to you.


JM - May 10

Thank you Kristie. I have been feeling a little achey. I still have not started af yet, but I am going to wait until Thurs. also to test.Good luck and lots of baby dust to you too.


Kristie - May 11

jm I couldn't wait any longer and took an "early test" this morning and it came back negative. I have spotted some today so i am just waiting for af to come. We feel the same way, that if god wants us to have more we will. But I still get so anxious about it. Baby dust to you.


JM - May 12

Hi Kristie, Got af yesterday. I was dissappointed but I guess I will just have to keep trying. I hate the waiting thing. I am not going to chart anything and if it happens it happens. Lots of baby dust to you. Hope this month brings us better luck.


kris - May 12

jm sorry to hear that af came. I am still waiting. I just wish that either af would come or that i would get a +. baby dust for next try.


km - May 13

I am also trying to get pregnant after a vas. My hub had one in October. I have 3 babies, 4,2 and 10 months. I am regretting the vas. I am only 24. Is there really a chance that I could get preg. My husband never went back for counts.


Charlie - May 13

It is possible. Some men have a back up system that only becomes viable or partially viable after the first one becomes non functional. GOOD LUCK


Twylyt - May 13

km, I also regret my husbands vas! I will be 26 tomorrow and I have a 4yr old, 3yr old and 20 month old. I just feel sick about the whole thing. We were so stressed over having three babies in 2 1/2 years ( all c-sections with complications) that he went and had it done when our daughter was 3 weeks old. Now we have found out that I wasn't even ovulating all year (PCOS) I guess God had a plan after all huh!?! Now not only amy I heart sick because he had a vas, but I also feel terrible for doubting my Creator...great huh! I know that there is a chance of conceiving after, but the chances are slim! Charlie, what were you talking about when you said some people have back up system?? I'd like to know more about that! Good luck to you all!


Denise - May 13

Yes it is possible that your pregnant! My husband had a vasectomy 5 years ago and last year I got pregnant. He didn't go back for all his checks after the procedure. After finding out last year that I was pregnant, he went back to have his sperm count tested. They saw 2 live ones in one sample, but it only takes one to concieve.


km - May 14

well, I am due on monday for my mp and I am praying that I don't get it. I have some symptoms, But I think that I am talking myself into it. Also some PMS symptoms are similar to preg symptoms I always found. If I do not get it by Wed I am taking a test. Call me nuts but I am impatient!!!!



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