Pregnant After Vasectomy

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kelli - September 8

has anyone on here sonsidered adopting? just wondering because my hubby keeps saying that we should just adopt which i am not against at all, but i still want to carry and have one more baby. these last two months have been devestating for me every time my period comes. it is harder now because it is the anniversary of a lost baby. anyway, i am still holding out hope that some month soon i will find out i am preggers. hubby is telling me i am being silly and i shouldn't get my hopes up. anyway....just wanted to check in. baby dust to all.


elle - September 13

Just checking in, Yes I was pregnant and yes it was my partners at only 6 weeks gone, (we been together 10 and i dont cheat!) So there is hope for you all, not sure what happened to his V but im guessing they must have come apart and re joined or what ever happens good luck to you all, as for adopting, when i was younger i always wanted to adopt under the impression why keep producing when there are so many children in need of love and care, after having my daughter i guess that is the reason why we carry are own, there is nothing like it, having said that I would still consider adopting as there are a lot of children out there.


s.w. - September 13

I just want to ask a question. Does anyone believe in wise tales? I do, the ring and thread test. It tells you of the s_x of your children. My husband had a vasectomy 2 yrs ago but, somthing is troubling me. I done the ring and thread test shows in my life time i will have a girl, it also shows on my husband. or like all of you mabe I am wishing for something that may not happen. I will alway keep my fingers crossed for me and all of you wonderful people...


ashley - September 13

I have heard that vasectomies USE to have a seven year fail rate on them beacuse they grew back or something. I know now they usually test a certain length of time after to make sure it worked. Has anyone's husbands who have had the cut done that?


hi - September 13

hi everyone,just wanted to make a comment.i listened very carefully when hubby got a vasectomy years ago.the doctor explained to us that this is not fool proof.the human body always tries to repair itself.when they cut the tubes leading from the testes,there is always a chance they could reattach .they try to repair themselves starting from the first when you think about it it's not a far fetched idea that pregnancy might occur.just thought someone might like to know.good luck


dreamer - March 15

My husband had a vas 10 months ago, 4 wks after daughter was born just out of sheer terror as I had hemmoarraged immediately after birth. I agreed to let him as we felt we could not provide financially for anymore and I was constantly forgetting my pill anyway. I regret it now and am a few days late on my period. Does anyone know how high my chances are of pregnancy? My husband has had slight discomfort in groin ever since vas, is this a sign of things reattatching? he had the scalpel method.


Elisabeth - March 15

I know a woman who got pregnant after a vasectomy. However, it wasn't 4 years. Only about 3. They were very surprised. I don't know if this means anything, but they didn't get checked after the surgery like you are suppose to.


McKay - June 3

I am looking for another message board that is focused on the topic of prenancy after a vasectomy. It was started by a group of women who used to hang out at Fertilitext. My computer crashed a couple of months ago and I lost the link! Anyone know what I am talking about? I'd appreciate it if you could send me the link! Thank you! [email protected]


loveable21 - July 21

everyone pray for me that I might be pregnant.. I havent had my period yet this month and I am feeling kinda of different. My husband had a vasectomy done after he left his ex over 6 years ago.. I hope for the best!


Emma2 - July 21

Can you all post your own questions? You will get an answers quicker that way. This post is too long and way too old.


Kerst - January 31

My husband had a vasectomy over 4 yrs ago and I am late for my period, this would be my 4th pregnancy aswell if I am, I have 2 girls & a boy.Haven't taken a test yet so am not sure, going to wait and see.


VickiG - February 16

I have been with my fiance for almost 5 years. When i met him, he had recently gotten a VS after his 2nd daughter was born. I know I just had my pd less than 2 weeks ago, but i am feeling exhausted, crampy, incredible headaches, extreme moodiness, and HORRIBLE sore b___sts... (this all a__sociated with some discharge.) Could it be? Could my dream be coming true? I mean, he is 16 years older than me and has 2 children already. I have none. I have spoken to him on many occasions about having a child together and he would be willing to go thru with the reversal, but it is so expensive! What should I do?


micaela4177 - May 6

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year he is 30 and has two kids 12 and 9 after the second kid he decided to get vasectomy. I'm 24 no kids and would love to have one. I hope that god answers our prayers because he wants a baby now.


christynchris - May 12

hey micaela! i am pretty much in the same boat. my b/f is 31, i am 24, we have been together for almost 2 years. he had a vasectomy 5 yrs ago. he has 3 kids ( which i love dearly ), but i have none of my own and want it very badly. we have talked about reversal but money is a factor right now. all i want is to feel life inside of me. this forum has given me alot of hope, thanx


micaela4177 - May 12

For christynchris. That is our problem to "money" he always talks about having a baby and it makes me feel sad because I know that we have to wait. But who knows maybe god has other plans for you and me.


breezieb - May 13

Ladies check this out! They now have at home male fertility test. They even have one specificly for men with vasectomy! The forum would not allow me to put in the link - so If you google exactly what is in the [ ] below it will be the first site. [ contravac products + spermcheck + vasectomy + asp ] and if u look at products tab you can get info on the regular men fertility test ( I don't really know what the diffrence is. I think that is a great tool to have when ttc!



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