Pregnant After Vasectomy

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breezieb - May 13

Ladies check this out! They now have at home male fertility test. They even have one specificly for men with vasectomy! The forum would not allow me to put in the link - so If you google exactly what is in the [ ] below it will be the first site. [ contravac products + spermcheck + vasectomy + asp ] and if u look at products tab you can get info on the regular men fertility test ( I don't really know what the diffrence is. I think that is a great tool to have when ttc!


EmilyNTosh - June 25

Hi christynchris! I also am 24, soon to be husband is 31 with 3 kids whom I love to pieces. I would love to have just 1 of my own but he had a vasectomy 5 years ago. So refreshing to know someone who is in the same boat! I thought I was all alone. I am excited not that I may be pregnant but have gotten hopes up and let down before. If you would ever love to talk about things, I would! Take care, Emily :)


Shelli - August 31

After 2 years of feeling like I was crazy, it's great finding this forum and knowing there are other women just like me out there! I have three beautiful, healthy kids: 8, 6 &3 and my husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago (Feb 2005). He didn't ask me about his decision and that really floored me, maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time now? I'd LOVE to have some hope and would love to hear if anyone out there has gotten pregnant after such a long time! & yes, my hub went for all of his checkups! :( Praying for a miracle for me and all of you!


Wisher - September 15

Its good to see I,m not the only one with what I see as this hopeless wish!! Dp had his Vas abt 2 yrs ago, abt 10 mths after our child was born ( both have 1 each from prev rel )I practically begged him not to,but as i had difficulty with other contraceptions,he decided it was the best option,so went ahead. I was devastated and will never quite feel the same way abt him. After abt a year my period was about 10 days late, (unheard of )he was excited at the prospect of me being PG,even offered to buy me test!! I was not PG,and we were both disappointed. However,although he said he would be happy enough if it were to happen,he would not CHOOSE to have another one,and would defo not consider a reversal. So i too,pray for a miracle,but know it is unlikely to happen,those that do fall PG are in the minority,and i know I will not be one of the lucky ones,and hitting 40 anyway and am very grateful for the two blessings I have! Its all very sad,but hey we can keep on wishing-good luck to all trying!


Heatgrand - October 16

My husband also had a Vasectomy, actually it's been 2 years this month. I didn't want him to have it, but we were separated at the time and he said he wouldn't want to have a baby with anyone else. We got back together shortly after but ever since I have mourned the fact that can not have another baby even though we both agreed to 3 when we got married 7 years ago. We have 2 now, 10 and 6. They are all grown up and I obsess about a baby. I dream about it and pray! I keep watching the calendar and hoping God answers my prayers. At least now I know I'm not alone. He will not get a vasectomy, he says he doesn't want to go through the pain again or spend all that money! I have to just believe God has my best intentions at heart!


completelyshocked - February 16

My husband had a vasectomy 6 years ago. We both decided that we didn't want anymore children. I just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant this past weekend. Completely shocked but it can happen.


missmandy777 - February 25

My finance and I are due to be married this june and I only have one child and was a little down at the fact that he had a vasectomy 4 years ago. But we just found out I'm six weeks along! We couldnt be more happy! This will make our 1st one together and our 5th one total. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!


Hoping4aMiracle09 - March 17

I have been married for almost 9 years,hubby is 31 and i am 29, we have 3 healthy beautiful children ages 7, 4, and 3(2 girls and 1 boy). DH had a vs almost 3 years ago, our son was only 4 weeks old. At that time we felt it was the right thing to do, and now i think i was still way to hormonal to be making permanant decisions. I wish we would have waited. I think they should show a man, woman, couple the actual video of both sterilizing procedures before anything is set up! I am praying for a miracle and even my husband is too. I feel guilty that he went thru the surgery for us, mostly me and to ask him to get it reversed would seem selfish although he has thought about it( even him thinking about means the world to me). What has made me wonder is that i had pregnancy symptoms about 5 months after his VS and i took 2 pregancy tests that were positive, then following day i took a blood test that was negative then 2 days later i started my period. ( DH hadnt gone in for post s____n a___lysis)ever since then we have tried to see if i could get pregnant and nothing, after thinking i was losing my mind, i needed peace of mind. So 2 years later he finally was going to get checked to see if indeed he was sterile. The instructions said for sample to be at body temp, so i thought that i would have the cup sit in hot water so that the trasport to the doc would help keep the sample at body temp ( not thinking that i may have messed up the results) he took teh sample in and tested that yes, he was indeed sterile. or was he? I have been hoping and praying that somehow his tubes reca___lize and that we can have at least 1 more, i start to feel selfish in thinking, why do i feel this way, i have 3 kids and i should just be happy with what i have, and i am content. I think there is part of me that just misses the days of being pregnant and feeling the baby move. Putting and giving away their clothes has made it even worse, i thought getting a puppy would help satisfy my need for something small and needy to take care of, and i just dont think that is it. I have even found it hard sometimes to even be intimate with Dh since in a messed up way in my thinking is that he is broken and cannot give me the baby i want. I hate feeling this way when he never even questioned getting a vs instead of me getting a TL. I just have to think that what is meant to be will be and that maybe God will know and did know that i would end upu feeling this way and possibly give us a miracle. I pray for our own miracle and i pray for all of you other woman out there that may be feeling the same way i do. I would say to anyone, just wait until you are at least mid 30's-possibly early40's to make a permanant decision.


chrissa33 - April 27

It's nice to see there are some other people in the same boat. My DH had a vasectomy after the first two kids (with his lesbian first wife). The third was already on her way though. I'm hoping for a little miracle...


vixen2222 - May 11

i'm hoping for a miracle as well we all have our different stories but all the same dh had his vas a little over a year ago,i have 3 beautiful children that i am very thankful for and now all my friends seem to be expecting and it's driving me insane.all i want is to have another baby and that amazing feeling of growing life one more time.i keep having symptoms but i'm sure its more a matter of wishful thinking than anything else :( I've had increased urination no uti,cravings,spotting,tiredness,gas,and cramping.i'm due for my period in 2 days and i'm still wondering if it will show...crazy huh?


DOTXJOT - June 3

OMG I am 2 weeks late and my hubby got fixed 8 years ago. Cannot imagine potty training and teething again. At 36 I just feel too old!! Hopefully it is something in the air !!


AnaMomof5 - June 19

I am almost 44 years old. My DH had a vasectomy almost 3 years ago. Today he noticed that I was getting larger and firmer in places normally NOT. I'm here researching the chances that I'm pregnant. As much as I love babies, I've had five -- my oldest is a junior in high school -- and I'm really not ready to do this again when we were certain this was all behind us now. We definitely can't afford it. I guess there's only one surefire way to make sure. Ugh.


lilRed - July 13

ok.. I have been reading some mixed stories( some are pregnant post vasectomy, some aren't but are trying), and now you all have me a bit scared, but hopeful at the same My hubby got his VS done almost 5 years ago. I was not for it, but agreed to it since it was what he wanted, and well went and did it anyway since the state we live in allows him to without my consent. Well, me being catholic, and never being on bc was against it, but nothing I could do. Well just recently, we found out we are currently in a "scare" situation. As a matter of fact he is petrified!lol. Since is VS, I do not track my cycles regularly, but can pretty much tell you when there gonna be, how long, and so forth. Well it is currently July 13th, and my last one was May 20th, 2009. Yup, you guessed it I'm late! No, I have not taken a test, one cuzz I am scared of it being neg,( maybe even pos), and two, hubby has the excuse of" I don't wanna waste the money on a d__n test". I think he knows, but is just to d__n scared to admit it. So, I figured since I am sometimes a little irregular I would give it another week, but I am also making an appt. with the doctor. BTW we have 2 beautiful boys that I am blessed to have, and if God sees fit to giving us more, then I am very open to the idea, although I am scared to death since it has been 10 years since I have been pregnant, and I will be 36.Now after writing this, I am kinda hoping I am lol. Best of luck to all of you who are trying to conceive, and God bless.


FaithfulWife - September 29

So, I have a question for any of you who got pregant post vascetomy: Did your husband immediately a__sume you cheated on him? I ask because mine had a vasectomy about 5 years ago and now I'm having some pregancy symtoms. I just KNOW that if I turn up being pregnant, it'll be 9 months of him thinking the baby may not be his! Additionally, what about people's reactions? Do people automatically wonder if the baby is his?


jamie lee - November 1

Hi, I am new here, I have experienced some weird syuff with my body lately! I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same??? I had spotting the night before my period was due, it was brownish creamy discharge, then had very light not like normal period dark red to brown bleeding for 5 days, my period is usually 26 day cycle with 4 days tops for the whole thing, usually very regular. I was two days late in Sept, had bad cramps and it was heavy but only lasted two and a half days then i was sposed to start on oct 27th and had the afore mentioned "bleeding" It was super light did not fill up a pad no fresh blood on pad between trips to bathroom was super dark red brownish. I'm having cramping on and off for a month or so and my body is changing! My b___bs feel tender and tingly now for about a month and a half, I feel bloated, my lower belly is tighter and I just feel like I could be pregnant, The only kicker is that my husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago after our daughter was born, but he never went back and had any checks done on his sperm. I don't know what to think! Oh yeah, I have taken 5 htp and all came out negative, but i guess that doesn't always mean anything. I know there is something going on with my body but I just don't know what!!! Oh and I'm 31 years old and I never take the pill or use contraceptive. I guess its possible??? I didn't think I ever wanted more kids! We have our boy and girl, but now I'm not so sure! The idea of another is kinda cool! I think I must be going CRAZY!!! LOL


Shelli - November 1

Hi! Don't think you're crazy, it's normal to hyperventilate when you think you may be pregnant! LOL! I can't exactly say what's going on with you cycle...possibly the "brown creamy discharge" is on off cycle. Could you be under more stress then normal? You're a mom!! When aren't we under stress! =) But what I can say is: Doesn't it stink that our body can play these games with our mind? My hubby got a vasectomy 4 yrs ago and went through all the rechecks, but seriously a couple times a year I go through "something" and seriously pray it's a pregnancy, only to hit rock bottom when it isn't! I end up being so sad and then kicking myself for getting my hopes up over something that obviously is not in God's plan anyway...ugly cycle! I pray that you are the lucky one (if you are excited about an upcoming pregnancy! Don't want to wish something on someone that doesn't want it!) and God has blessed you with an unexpected, unplanned, but wanted miracle! Good luck to you and I'll keep watching your postings to see how it goes! =)



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