Pregnant After Vasectomy

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Shelli - November 1

Hi! Don't think you're crazy, it's normal to hyperventilate when you think you may be pregnant! LOL! I can't exactly say what's going on with you cycle...possibly the "brown creamy discharge" is on off cycle. Could you be under more stress then normal? You're a mom!! When aren't we under stress! =) But what I can say is: Doesn't it stink that our body can play these games with our mind? My hubby got a vasectomy 4 yrs ago and went through all the rechecks, but seriously a couple times a year I go through "something" and seriously pray it's a pregnancy, only to hit rock bottom when it isn't! I end up being so sad and then kicking myself for getting my hopes up over something that obviously is not in God's plan anyway...ugly cycle! I pray that you are the lucky one (if you are excited about an upcoming pregnancy! Don't want to wish something on someone that doesn't want it!) and God has blessed you with an unexpected, unplanned, but wanted miracle! Good luck to you and I'll keep watching your postings to see how it goes! =)


jamie lee - November 2

Thanks Shelli!!! I took another hpt today and it was neg, but the line was faint!! I made a doctor appt for thursday this week to see what is really going on! I don't know why but I just have an overwhelming feeling that I am pregnant! I can't explain it and I know that "logically" odds are against it but my body is telling me different. I would be very happy if I am actually preggers but also I would not be heartbroken if I'm not either. I have been praying about it and I know that whatever happens God is in charge! I know He has good planned for me and if He wants us to have another child then He will make a way for it, if not then He has other plans for us! I'll keep ya posted though. Thanks for responding! Its nice to know I'm not all alone in the vast empty internet!! LOL


Shelli - November 2

You are absolutley not alone! =) I get the feeling there are several hundred of us out there floating in the internet wondering what we're feeling and what's happening! =) I hear you on happy if you are, happy if you aren't! I would be thrilled to death if "it" ever happened to me, my husband made a rash decision w/out me...bummer! I'm happy & blessed w/the three healthy kids we have, but would always welcome an "oops"! haha Good luck to you! Curious that your negative came out light/faint?! You're right, whatever is, is and it's God's plan! May He bless you and your family in whatever way is in His plan! I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you though! =)


enniswoman - November 18

My DH had a vasectomy just over 4 weeks ago. I have been feeling a little down at the fact that we had so little discussion about it. I thought it was the best thing to do as he wanted one but I had some doubts and now these are starting to get to me Is there any way to reverse it quickly and cheaply?


Naavy - September 16

My husband had a vasectomy 11 months ago, just before our third baby was due. He never went for his follow ups because I was b___stfeeding and I NEVER get my period during that time. Well, I weaned the baby in August and two weeks after, we threw caution to the wind and now we think I'm pregnant. He sent in a sample yesterday, but we haven't gotten the test results yet. I have all my usual signs that I'm prego, I took a test a week ago, and it was neg (but that's normal for me since my hormones don't go crazy, I usually don't get positive results until I'm four weeks late). I haven't gotten a period yet, and that is my biggest sign that I'm pregnant. I weaned the baby five weeks ago, I should have gotten a period by now, always have. I hate the waiting game.


Scram - March 24

I came here looking for stories on women that got preggers post-vasectomy. My husband has had his for close to 10 years, but my body is acting pregnant. I'm minutes away from taking a pregnancy. I don't want a baby. At all. I am here now to say that if I dodge this bullet, I pray that one of you ladies hoping for a baby gets the potential soul that's trying to latch onto me.


chellz - June 17

Hi everyone, I am 29years old and have 3 beautiful children under 7yrs a boy and two girls.. My hubby got a vas 2 years ago and have recently being wishing to get pregnant.. I know its sounds crazy as we are extremly lucky so I feel guilty feeling this way.. Hubby said he is done and dosent want anymore.. wishing we didnt do it so soon!! I got off the pill a month ago due to hair and acne but I am now a week late and wishing it was true that I am pregnant.. I was only on the pill for 3 months and I know there is probally a very small chance that I am but we can only wish right!! I am having period cramps on and off so I am about to get it or maybe i am one of the lucky ones.. So ggod to hear that I am not the only one feeling this way


tfarrell89 - July 15

You ladies are an inspiration and give me much hope that my husband and I can have a baby even though he had a vasectomy 2 years ago. I was married before and so was he and after they split he decided to get a vasectomy he has 4 children of his own and I have none. He had a vasectomy two weeks before we met and this saddens me. When we had been together 2 months he informed me of this. I was devastated, the one thing in life I have always wanted is to have a family and now I may not have that. I pray all the time to have a baby and he does too we really want to have kids together. He wants a little girl he says one that would look just like me he's so sweet. Not only do we want to have our own but it is also very hard on me to not have kids with him because he has four 3 with one woman and one with another and I feel like they have something to offer him and I don't and its not fair to me. it's not fair he got a vasectomy I really want to give him a baby and I am scared I cant. I want us to be a family and it scares me that even if we get him a reversal that we may never be:( but u ladies like I said help me hold onto a little shred of hope, faith like a mustard seed.


lisa2u2 - July 15

as i read these , i wont to shear my story ,,,my hus had a vasectomy and got the all clear , no more contraseptive for me ,,, went a whole year with out taking anything , but one day i got this feeling i was preg over a year and a half latter it was in my head just that feeling,, just driving my self mad , and decided to take a test , i nearly fell over when it went positive i couldent belive it , my hus said well its not mine and i just felt helpluss new it was his but try convinsing him after he had the all clear over a year and a half ,,, told him he better get to the docs and do a test,, when the doc rang a week latter and asked for him and he was talking to the doc , his face just went white , and he handed me the phone , they said there was sperm present but it was so low it was unlikely to get me prg ,,, will it did,, i did go a bit mad on the phone and he went back down for vasectomy number 2, what had happend he had them tied, whitch left a little knot whitch he could feel and he kept playing with this and over time had undone it and it grew back together the left one ,,, just to let you know , it can happen ,,,


KateOz - August 8

Hello, my name is Kate and I am 23 years old. I'm not even sure if anyone still comments on this forum. But I was recently married to the love of my life on April 23rd 2011. My husband is 37 and had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. I am 10 days late and we have both been praying that I am pregnant. We plan to have the vasectomy reversed but were hoping that it could have possibly grown back on its own, seeing as I am late. Did anyone have a positive test that has posted on here? I pray I am pregnant every day! Much needed baby dust and prayer please!!


JennLove - August 12

Hello everyone, my name is Jenn and my husband has a vas done 8 yrs ago, and I am very exciting about have a baby girl for this family. He has two boys from a prevs marriage. I been praying for this moment since I was a little girl... to be a mother of my own. I'm praying for this everyday. Please pray for me to conceive because it hasn't been easy for me as well. I will pray with others if we all come to together on one accord and believe in God. I believe God will bring it to past in our life. Pray consistently for every barren woman who wants to be a mom to conceive. Thanks to all, GOD Bless the Fruit of our WOMBS! Thanks be to OUR GRACIOUS GOD!


NDG - August 17

Hi Jenn I will agree with you, we are in the same boat, my husband had a vas in his previuos marriage after having 2 children with her, I myslef have never had children and Long to.....I have been mourning the thought of never having children, all my friends and family are getting pregnant and it make me even more upset. He never wanted to have the procedure but his Ex wife was one of those me me me I dont want any more kids they are messing up my body, well right after he went and had it done she took off on him, he hates that he cant give me children and the reversal procedure is soooo expensive and just not reality right now. I am praying that like some of these stories I am reading that he will be healed and we will have more children, I have adopted his children in my heart and love them as my own but its still not the same.


NDG - August 17

KateOz You were married the same exact day we were and hoping for the same!!! Ill keep you in prayers!!


JennLove - August 19

Hey NDG, how are you? Thank you for responding to my message. If you only knew how much I desire to be a Mother of my own from my womb. I prayed and cryed out to the Lord and I know without a doubt that some day I will have at least one of my own and I believe for you too just don't lose hope. Don't give up and don't give in. I been looking for sites where there are women who are on the same page of wanting to be a mother naturally. Prayer is a very powerful source. If we can just agree together and believe when we pray God will do just what we desire when it's in his will. I am not going to stop asking him until he blesses others and me. I want God to give the loving mothers, who we already are to give birth to our own children. I love my children from marriage without no doubt about it. But like you said it's nothing like giving birth to your own child. I know all things are possible through God, because I seen so many miracles myself. Example my sister was hit by a van, she went up so many feet up in the air and came down on her face. She had a 3 cm gash in her head not far from her scull. But God let her live just like you and me a normal life. She's not handicap or retardy. She is healed and in her right mind working hard at work managing. So I know we have a powerfull God who have Life and Death in his hand. We have to believe every time when we ask God for anything and not " WORRY." But be consistent in asking, we are his children. Think about when children ask their parents over and over, can I have this?, will you do this? We need to be as children to Our heavenly Father in heaven and ask in Jesus Name whatever we want. He will give us an answer for every question. However, we are on the same page and I can't wait to hold my new baby girl or boy. I am going to be over joyed. NDG I will pray for you and many others and do the same for me. I can't wait to missed 9 months of my MC and carrying around my new joy. IT's going to be a HUGE MIRACLE for me, for you and others I know. God can do any of the possibles. Just like he did for others who were barren, who prayed to God in anguish. "Bless me Lord with a child," Thank you for answering my prayers. Hold on don't give up, I want to cry everyday. Now, that I can talk to other women who are in the same boat I feel alot better. Because as long as we come together and pray to God on the same accord we will get the answers we need. Thank God for everything, as well as answering our prayers and the many blessings to come. It will happen, LOTS of BABY DUST FLOWING Our WAY!!!!!! Amen


JennLove - August 19

NDG you are not alone, I'm praying for whatever sperm that may be inside his vas deferens into the uretha to be healthy fertilize mobilize SPERM. :-) We are in the same boat. The same thing happen to your husband the same thing happen to mine. She got remarried and now expecting their first born, which is a girl. If she didn't want to have anymore children, why did she consider in her new marriage. I didn't understand. However, God sometimes let things happen for a reason. But it's alright all we can believe for is a chance to be mothers now. Pray every day in agreement for me and I will do the same for you and others. Thank you much all for your prayers. I feel like crying about this now. I really really really really really really want to be a mother to a child of me and my husband. IT's a BEAUTIFUL THING! I'm praying ( Lord we thank you, for all you done Father and all you gonna do Lord. Here I am Praying and agreeing in Your name Lord with NDG and the others, that you will be Our Father and give us peace, love and please Father restore our JOY. For we don't know what to do without you and in this time in our Life. We asked, if you would healed us spiritually and in the natural give us hope again. If you may be hearing us now, we asked if you will forgive us for all of our sins as we forgive others Lord. Thank you right now Lord, Jesus! Also, we ask Lord in the Name of Jesus if you would allow our Husbands who were physically sterile by their vasectomies, if you can please reconnect every tissues, veins, vas deferens, seminal to reca___lize, grow back and become fertile again in the Name of Jesus in all of your MIGHTY POWER, just like you done for the other men. Who wives had became pregnant out a MIRACULOUS Power and we THANK YOU for this right now Lord. We ask these things in Your Name Jesus, Jesus Jesus. Please hear our Prayers Lord of Almighty GOD! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! AMEN


becca2911 - October 14

For all you ladies out there I want to give you hope. I married my husband 6 years ago. He was married previously and was convinced that the best thing was for him to get a vasectomy after his first son. He was only 27 and didnt want to do it. A little while after we got married we started talking about reversing it so that we could have children. I had one son from a previous marriage but had always wanted more. It was a costly procedure and we soon ended up fighting a dirty custody battle of his son so we didnt have the means. I prayed so hard that God would bring us a baby. I knew I was obviously fertile because I got pregnant when my first husband and I were together only once. Yes I know they tell you it only takes one time but if you read about conception you have a limited window so getting pregnant is a miracle. Well I started nursing school about 2 years into our marriage. He and I finally sat down and said you know its better if we dont have children. We have such flexibility. We can give my oldest son to my ex on weekends and go and have fun together. I had even received a word from a lady at church, she said God will bless you with many children. I was like um okay. I will probably end up being a foster parent and adopt some later. Well shortly after my husband and I had that talk about being happy with the children we had. I begin feeling sick. My b___sts were tender. I told him I am 11 days late I think I am pregnant. He was like no your not. So I took the test. It came out positive. He didnt believe it. So he sent me to the health department. Again a positive test. We both just laughed and still couldnt believe it. It was so surreal. I was suppose to be starting nursing school in the fall. I had just finished all my pre-req so I was just in disbelief. I couldnt believe it. We went to our first appt with the ob/gyn. We got our first ultrasound to find out if there was actually a baby and determine a due date. For the first time we saw that little bean of a baby. Swimming around. Looking absolutely perfect. Our due date was December 17. We asked the doctors several times how it was possible. They gave us that look like yeah right its his....she must be cheating on him. No one believed us. But birth day came around and that perfect baby was born. He was truly a blessing from God. God is the only way I can explain how after nearly 11 years of him having a vasectomy that we conceived a child. Now we are trying to conceive another. My miracle baby will be 3 this November. We have bought ovulation tests and are hoping for another. If it doesnt work then we will seek information from fertility doctors. But I still think about that word the woman gave me, that God would bless me with many children. With God all things are possible.



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