Pregnant Amp Period

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MommyWant2Be - September 20

I have taken 3 hpt and they all have came out negative. I know my body.. And it just isnt the same. My husband and I have both noticed that I have been moodier than usual lately. I have all the signs of pregnancy.. my gums bleed more than they normally do when i brush, my br___ts have been tingly and sore, ive had nausea, headaches, weird food cravings, things that i love the smell of I cant stand anymore,clear nonsmelly discharge, bloating,Ive gained three lbs, and i have noticed that im really tired lately. I have a normal cycle.... between 28-30 days, but this time is different. I was 6 days late and then yesterday I started spotting pink/brown thick discharge. Now Today.. Im slightly bleeding.. not bad just a little. Has anyone had this? Please help.. im soo lost :[


sarah21 - September 20

You are late enough that a HPT should pick up a pregnancy. Some women take longer to have the hcg levels high enough to detect for up to 2 weeks after a missed period. You could be experiencing implantation bleeding. Or you could be having a chemical pregnancy, where you miscarry pretty much before your hormones really have a chance to get high. I think it happened to me the month before I got pregnant. I would call the doctor and see if they will do a blood pregnancy test and go from there. Good luck!


GimmeaBub - September 20

Hey Mommywanttobe have you been to your dr yet? Had a blood test done? If you are pregnant it will pick up any hcg in your body that indicates enough for pregnancy. 2 months ago i swore black and blue i was pregnant i had all your symptoms plus diaarhea, i couldnt lay on my chest cause my b___sts felt like rocks, and my period was 10 days late, well the day i schedulaed my dr's appt i got my period, light at first then came with full force my dr told me that when you are ttc your always thinking about it, and when you think about it you xcan actually trigger the body to believe that you are pregnant causing the symptoms, i'm not trying to be a wet blanket, i even sqaw a show on Discovery Home and health about it, my dr also said that alotof the time women will have very very ealry miscarriages that they dont even know about it. it's a biochemical miscarriage just something was wrong with the fertilised egg when it implanted so they body just rejects it, but it's funny when your ttc you pay more attention to your body, every little symptoms makes you wonder 'Oh maybe i am this month'. My biggest advice to you is just go to the dr first if your period hasnt already started properly, and see. I am sorry if this comes out insensetive, just froma fellow woman ttc just relax and see what happens. Best of Luck and Lots of Baby Juice



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