Pregnant And Had Implantation Bleeding

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Hoping - November 19

Please tell your story if you had ib and are now pregnant.Lots of women are going crazy wondering if af or ib.Mine was early and light just wich could get staright answer..Thank you and congrats!


To "Hoping" - November 19

IB is usually much much lighter than your normal flow and lasts mucher shorter, between 1-3 days.


Hoping - November 19

That's what I had.Lasted only 3days but day 1 and 3 only spotting.Day 2 was light period looking blood-pink to red to brown??


to hoing - November 19

sounds like it might have been ib, take a test and if it is neg, then it was probably just a light period, Those do happen sometimes too.


Hoping - November 19

Tested this morning and was bfn.But been off the pill for almost 1year and periods were regular..


Becky - November 19

My period was the same thing. only 3 days very light 1 and 3 spotting. I also took a test and it was negitive so I am confused. I am still having mild cramping and it is a week after my period. Good Luck


mellissa - November 20

I had what I think was ib the day before af was due. it was just a tiny bit of pinkish/brown stuff when i wiped. it only happened three times in a two day period. I tested the day before af was due and got two faint +s. the day af was due, got a definite bfp with digital test. good luck to all of you!!


Deb - November 20

IB is much more rare than this site makes it out to be. It really doesn't happen in a lot of women. It seems to be a way for women to hold on to some hope that they might still be pregnant. If it lasted more than one day, I wouldn't think it was IB. I am seven weeks pregnant, and at 16dpo I had a smear of brownish discharge that I am thinking may have been IB. After that I had nothing. Sorry to be a downer, but I don't think you are pregnant. I did, however have irregular periods when I was ttc even though my periods were always regular before that. I think when your body figures out that you are trying to have a baby, it does strange things. Good luck to you.


Sara - November 20

I just found out I am pg this morning and for the past 2 days(11 and 12dpo) I had a tiny bit of brown spotting and today nothing besides cramping.I am 4w(since last AF) today.I was told by a nurse that alot of the time ib will not come out until AF is due.I wish you all the best of luck and baby dust!


Hoping - November 20

Thanks ladies I guess it must have been af 'cos mine lasted 3 days but days1&3 was barely nothing day 2 was when i bled minimum..But not only when I wiped.I used 1 pad...But I read other stories of girls thinking they had af and they had a bfp?


Julybaby - November 20

I totaly agree with Deb. I never had ib and this is my 4th pregnancy. The only time I spotted was with my 2nd pregnancy that ended in m/c. Everyone is different though. Good luck to you all!



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