Pregnant And I Have A Magic 8 Ball Ask Away

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Swami - October 25

I have a magic 8 ball. Please feel free to ask questions and I will shake the ball and let you know! For Fun Only of course!!


Missy - October 25

Do you see a pregnancy in my near future?


Swami - October 25

I shook the ball and all signs point to yes!! Congrats!


Lisa - October 25

What about me? Ask it if I'm pregnant right now!!


Swami - October 25

I shook the ball and it says most likely!! lol Good Luck! Baby Dust!


Lisa - October 25

I love those things. :) I know all in fun though. Thanks for bringing some light heartedness to the forum!!!


aimee - October 25

yeah do me do me is aimee pregnant this month? thanks:-)


Swami - October 25

no problem! Just trying to make the load lighter! :)


MJH - October 25

Hello I have a question. I had a period around the end of September that went into October. The second week in October I had unprotected s_x everyday. The following week I started my cyle again but it seemed to be different, the first three days had browninsh/red in it got very light around the fourth day and the fifth sixth and seventh day it was basically completely gone, my cycle usually last 7 full days. During all of this I have been feeling tired and had couple of puking episodes, I tested 3 time with the first response 5day early tests and they were all a Strong negative. Was/Is it still too early to tell? Is it all in my head? Need Advice Please Also, towards the end I have been having watery like discharge. Any Advice should I wait to see what happens in November?


Swami - October 25

Aimee...the b___s may rely on it!! lol! Goodluck!


aimee - October 25

thanks 4 that it was fun, i bet it probably said a big fat NO didnt it and ur just being nice lol:-)


Em - October 25

Swami, I had am/c in aug. I am preg again. Ask if this one will be healthy....I did this in a store and got two yes, so the third is charm......


EM - October 25

Big Fat YES!! best of luck!:)


Becca D. - October 25

Hey ask if I'm pregnant right now too!!! I love this!!


Swami - October 25

Becca D....shaking it right now and ......all sign point to YES! We are on a roll! Good Luck! :)


Jennifer - October 25

Swami....This thread looks fun. Can you ask if I'm pregnant now or will be soon?? Okey, that's 2 sorry!!


?? - October 25

Swami are you pregnant...if so what are your symptoms and how early did you feel them? Thank you!



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