Pregnant And I Have A Magic 8 Ball Ask Away

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?? - October 25

Swami are you pregnant...if so what are your symptoms and how early did you feel them? Thank you!


Casey - October 25

thought i would give it a go, ask if casey is pregnant now? thanks this is fun!!!


Swami - October 25

Jennifer...1st is absolutely certain! and #2...YES!! Yippee! good luck:) BAby dust to all!!


Swami - October 25

Casey...shaking the ball....most likely!! Yeah! Good Luck:)


Melissa - October 25

Just for fun...what does the magic 8 ball have in store for me...did I do it this time?? (and out of curiosity...what are your symptoms?) Thank you!!


Swami - October 25

Hi Melissa, ok, shaking it....signs point to YES! yeah! my symptoms are heartburn,tired and only have enough energy to shake this! Good Luck!


Hopen4baby - October 25

What about me? Please tell me if this is my month. I'm feeling very sick right now......


Dionne - October 25

Hi Swami, this does look like fun. Can you plse ask if dionne is going to get pregnant this month.


Swami - October 25

Hi Hopen4baby and Dionne! ....shaking it for Hopen....YES! yippee!! ok goes....all signs point to Yes! Yeah!!! good ol' 8 ball! GOOD LUCK and lots of baby dust!! :)


Dionne - October 25

Gee I love that 8 ball.......hehehe


Angel - October 25

ask it if i'm pregnant.


Swami - October 25

oh magic 8 ball is Angel pregnant?...shaking's absolutely certain! GO 8 ball GO! lol..good luck! baby dust to you!


kimi - October 25

am i pregnant?


Swami - October 25

Hi Kimi, let me shake up the ol' 8 ball .....outlook good! Yeah! good luck to you! baby dust!


staci - October 25

swami, this is just we need! a little fun! good for you for thinking of it! ok, if you're not on a break, oh 8 ball, oh 8 ball! i am fertile this week, has it happend yet?, if not will it happen this month?! thanks again!


Swami - October 25

Hi Staci!..let me give it a shake...You may rely on it! Yippee!! /good luck and loads of baby dust to you!



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