Pregnant And I Have A Magic 8 Ball Ask Away

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Swami - October 25

Hi Staci!..let me give it a shake...You may rely on it! Yippee!! /good luck and loads of baby dust to you!


staci - October 25

thanks swami! have you gotten any negative responses from the 8 ball yet?


Swami - October 25

no, no negatives yet.I sc___ped off all the negative sayings on mine..hehe just kidding..


nmd - October 26

am i pregnant?


HotRodGurl - October 27

Swami, I love those things....I know it's neg. but, just to make sure is my last bleeding a couple days ago my implantation bleeding? I so wish it was although it was a week late and it was very short. but pg. test this morning said neg. but, just wondering for the fun of it. thanks!


confused - October 27

am I pregnant?? I had the same signs as MJH??


Rachel - October 27

hello, im pregnant with my 4 and i was just wondering if ill have a girl? Thanx


mayra - October 28

Like Emi also had a m/c in sept at 13wks, I was afraid to try again so i started taking Yasmin b/c. Well my hubby hrew them away and have been ttc for the past month, will you please ask if i;m pg......never hurts to add a little fun


gemma - October 28

hi swami great idea i bet u know what im going to ask could u ask your ball if im pregnant this month please! thanks


Allie - October 28

Swami, this sounds like fun!! Ask away for me too................will I get pg this month. thanks. Good Luck to all!!!


Trecie - October 28

swami could u please ask the trusty 8 ball if Trecie (pronounced Tree-c) is pregnant!? Thanks so much!


HotRodGurl - October 28

I think swami took a break....cause s/he isn't responding anymore....=(


Diane - October 28

To everyone... I am probably 6 or 7 days past ovulation. I have had cramping a few days this week and now I have a tight pulling feeling on my right side (kinda of around the right overy). Has anyone else had this? Or felt this. It's kinda weird. I know it's too early for me to test and I'm trying to wait until after AF is due (Nov 4). Please advise...


mayra - October 29

Diane, I'm going thru the exact same thing, cramping like a period, more on my left side...not sure about ovulation cuz i have never been good at timing or noticing those things, but I am also moody and extremely hungry( usually i have a very bad appet_tie) I also picked up on my smoking righ after my m'c and now i don't seem to want one. I just don't want to get my hopes up because it is defenitely too soon to test but i do have the same symptoms. Best of luck, hope you baby dreams come true. Also very thick cm, if anyone has a clue about these symptoms, would appreciate your advice as well.


angie - October 29

am i pregnant?


Jordan - October 30

I, too, want to ask the 8-ball!!! Hoping for baby boy!!!! baby dust to you all!!!!



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