Pregnant And Still Having Normal Periods

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timbits - July 13

My boss' wife told me that she had normal periods for the first 3 months for her first pregnancy. Some people would disagree that it could be possible. I know sometimes there is light bleeding but she said her bleeding was like a normal period and she had a healthy pregnancy. I don't know if I should believe this. Anybody else experience this...getting normal periods while still being pregnant?


Steffer - July 14

My mom's friend had her period for a few months before she found out she was pregnant and went on the have a healthy baby boy


BrendaW - July 14

Yes, I know people and of people that have had bleeding there whole pregnancy or part of pregnancy and have been just fine. And they were normal period like bleedings.


timbits - July 14

How do you know if you are pregnant if you keep having your period? Would an hpt still show positive?


treemole - July 17

Timbits, depending on the person the HPT will still show up positive. If you want more a__surance go get a blood test at the docters which will show the most accurate results. My fiancee is pregnant at the moment and having normal flows. It doesn't mean any real harm towards the baby and in fact is somewhat (Well not so much) But I'd say about 4% of women who go through pregnancy will experiance light to normal flows in the early stages of pregnancy. Hope that helps


Meghan - July 18

MY Aunt had her period for the first 3 months when she was pregnant with her last two babies. So yes I think it is possible


Moonpie2 - July 18

Anyone else have heavy bleeding only for one day after a faint bfp and was still preg?


Nell143 - July 18

Treemole does that mean she went to see the dr? I was just wondering how she was? Did you find out how far she is?


Tonibug - July 18

My aunt Robin has told me that she had a normal period for the whole 9 months and it was a perfect and healthy pregnancy and baby.


Emma2 - July 18

I think they word we should be using is "bleeding" during pregnancy because we all know that your"period" caused by ovulation ceases once pregnant. It is possible but I don't think the consistancy is or should be like a regular period.



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