Pregnant At 17 AHH

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Curious - January 26

I ended my period on Dec. 30 and my periods are about 4-5 weeks apart. I had s_x about 2 weeks ago unprotected. My br___ts are a little tender not that bad though. Do i have a good chance of being pregnant?


Curious - January 26

will someone please help me?





ekay - January 26

Are you trying to get pregnant??? When is your next cycle supposed to start.


Curious - January 26

My next cylcle is supposed to start in a week or two


Curious - January 26

You guys don't have to mean about it.... geez just give me some answers!


to curious - January 26

we are not being mean... if you used birth control you wouldnt have to worry about this right???i suppose your parents know right? if you are old enough to have s_x then you should know about protection. no we are not mean. you should just know better.


Susan - January 26

Curious, I don't think you would be feeling any symptoms yet if you're not due for a couple of weeks. However, if you think you may be due in a week it could be possible. It's probably too soon to get a positive on an HPT but maybe in a week you should take one just to be sure. I don't want to lecture you but you really should use condoms, you don't want to end up with an STD. good luck!


Nancy - January 26

Please learn from this mistake and trust that God will guide you through this. I'll be praying that you get the end result you are seeking.


Tas - January 26

Curious ignore them.. they are all over this forum, some people rather give opinions that a__sistance.... to answer, there can be a chance, however when is AF due??


Curious - January 27

What is AF?


Kimberly - January 27

First off honey let me tell you everything is going to be ok. Whether you are or aren't everything happens for a reason. I would also like to say that whoever else has responded to this ...... Yes you ARE being mean and I for one do not like it. So what she wasn't on bc thats ok. It is her choice right? why make her feel worse than what she already does? Curious I am here to help you honey just ask. You need support and you have it in me. As for "another one not using her head" what is that??? I call that down right mean. She asked for help not dismissal!


Holly - January 27

Wow! There are a lot of self righteous women in this forum. You would think by the snotty remarks that there are a lot of perfect people wearing halos. Curious, first off, you do have a chance of being pregnant. However, do you normally have b___st tenderness before your period?? This could be a PMS symptom. I'd say if you don't have your period by late next week take a test. Everything will work out. Relax and good luck.


Josie - January 27

I'm 17 and 4 months if you are pregnant everything will be ok.It won't be easy but you could do it...if you have any questions you can email me at [email protected], if you want.Good luck..



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