Pregnant At Last Grandpa Viv

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Elh83 - January 2

Hi all, need some input, advice, or even prayers. My af was due dec 13th. ive had no cramps no bleeding nothing. my cycles are 36days. Since about dec 20th ive had a lot of cm. the cm ranges from ew-thick to booger like. last wed it was brownish with a lil tint of pink in it. every time i go to the bathroom the tp either has ew cm or booger like cm on it. ive gotten a few light cramps off and on, on my right side (not like af cramps) and tingles. the tingles feel like as if i got shocked by static electricty (best way i can describe them). for bout a week i was throwing up after any lil bit of food i ate (has stopped thank god) just a bite of food made me sick even the things i love to eat. i tested last mon bfn. me and dh even stayed in for new years just to be safe. I JUST FEEL THIS MONTH WEVE DONE IT! im going to test with first pee tomorrow. my next af is due jan 18th if no af or bfp im getting a blood test done.-----ttc for 11 months, m/c last march.


yogibear - January 2

sounds like your pregnant. when i was pregnant with my first child i was like that. I thought i had the flu though. yeah nice flu a 9 month flu. i agree about the dr thing. sorry bout the m/c. keep your head up. good bless


dea - January 2

ELH38: I'm praying for you!! Let's go BFP!!!


Grandpa Viv - January 2

You go, girl! You have our prayers for a successful New Year. It sounds promising, and your plans are good.


Elh83 - January 2

hello all ....tys grandpa, dean and yogi bear. i had do yet tested. i spelt all day cause the nausea was so bad (plus i forgot and instintivly when potty b4 testing). i'll test tomorrow and keep u guys updated. BTW still all the same things going on :)


yogibear - January 2

nothing different huh?! well im set on u being pregnant!...oh forgot to add we me and dh bd after i found i i was pregnant i spotted a lil, thought it was af. turns out the soft tissure of the cervix just got hurt!


Elh83 - January 3

well good news i was pregnant. but last night i started getting bad cramps and bleeding. went to the ER, i m/c and had a d&c done. at least now i know its possiable to get pregnant. i guess better luck next time



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