Pregnant Before Ovulation

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iceyfate15 - October 28

around two weeks ago my boyfriend only entered me for only a minute, he said he knows that he wasnt even close to climax so neither think that anything happened. and two days ago i experienced a very mild cramping for about five minutes. could this be implantation cramping? i dont ovulate for a couple more days and im just wondering if we might be pregnant or not. any quick help would be very much appreciated.


Grandpa Viv - October 28

Do you mean you menstruate in a couple more days? If that is the case then ovulation would have been a couple of weeks ago ,shortly after your experiment, and pregnancy is a possibility. Most likely your hormones are acting up as a result of first-time s_x. Wait and see if a normal period shows up on schedule, and if it does not it will be time to take a test. From now on make sure a condom is on hand before the hanky-panky gets started. Good luck!


kelbabe - October 28

it isnt possible to fall pregnant before ovulation, as it takes ovulaton to fall pregnant!!! if worried, take a test a 4 weeks, since your last period. if neg, wiat a week, take anoter test. again, if neg, go to doc. good luck x x


iceyfate15 - October 28

is that true that you cant get pregnant before you ovulate? i know that might be a dumb question but ive not heard that before. and for grandpa viv i meant that i am just under two weeks since my last period ended. so i was meaning until i ovulate.


jennifer_33106 - October 28

Actually you dont have to have s_x the day you O. Sperm can live in you for 3 days up to five in optimum conditions. So like grandpa viv said pgy is a possibilty and you can get pgt even if he didnt ejaculate inside you. Many women have fallen pgt due to "pre-c_m" If you are late take a test using First Morning Urine. GL!!


iceyfate15 - October 28

alright but what would likely happen since we did it right after my period ended? thats my real question, im sorry if thats rude.


annmarie - October 28

If it was right after your period, the chances of pregnancy are slim to none. The mild cramping was probably ovulation cramps.


EMMA2 - October 29

nothing would happen because there is no egg to fetilize yet. The sperm can last upto 5 days but on average they survive 3 days and the chances are very slim but not impossible to get pregnant with pre-ejac. and the answer is "no" you cant get pregnant before ovulating...its like saying can i graduate without going to shcool


iceyfate15 - October 29

alright, well thank you for your help, i had just never heard that before.



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