Pregnant But I Feel Nothing

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Sara - May 25

How many weeks into the pregnancy till you actually feel the baby growing inside of you? I have no idea how far I am, I was on birth control pills and still got pregnant. My last period was in March but I dont think I got pregnant than. How would I know how far along I am?


wonder - May 25

Thats the question that i was just thinking right now in mi head... i would like to know how far along to you have to be until you can feel ur baby inside ur stomah??????????????????????????someone that knows please help us out!!!


Sara - May 25

Someone Please!


hello - May 26

What do you mean by baby growing inside of you? Do you mean movement? I don't understand


holly - May 26

Movement you don't feel until like 16-20 weeks with the first one. But you do feel stretching ligaments, just pulls and aches in your abdomen.


hi - May 26

it is important with prenatal care, so when you go to the obgyn you will find out how far along you are. good luck


Sara - May 26

I mean my stomach is flat and I touch my stomach and feel nothing inside.


Grandpa Viv - May 26 (remove all hyphens)


Louise - May 26

Your stomach will not start to show until at least 12-16 weeks. You are approx 8/9 weeks depending when your period started in March so it's normal to not see any change yet. Some people don't show until even later than 12-16 weeks some people only start around month 5 especially with a first pregnancy. Movement isn't felt until about 16-20 weeks as someone already mentioned. At your stage in pregnancy baby is only approx 13-17mm in length and weighs 1-1.5 grams(the weight of a paperclip) so don't worry about not seeing or feeling them yet it will soon happen!


JN - May 26

Everyone is right i have had 2 healthy babies and didn't feel much (only morning sickness!) until almost 4 mths relax and enjoy it all!! will be feeling normal in no time. you can also express your concerns with you Dr. as well...Good Luck to you!


Sara - May 26

Thank you guys



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