Pregnant But No Sign Of Exhaustion

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MJ - October 22

Hello: I am curious if there is anyone who has been/is pregnant who was not tired early on. I think I might be, I have lots of other symptoms, but I am not tired. I wondered if this could be attriubted to the busy lifestyle I lead? I am a high school teacher and cross country coach. I usually work from 7-5, come home eat dinner and then crash for a 20 minute nap before working on my nightly work. Only during this nap do I feel so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, I guess my basic question is, is it possible to be pregnant and not be tired? Or maybe the sleepiness just hasn't hit me yet? I would only be about 2-3 weeks PG. Any feedback appreciated! :o)


RMP - October 22

Hello...well I have a friend who is an OBGYN nurse and she has told me that the majority of her patients do not feel any symptoms until they are 6 to 7 it may be that it has not hit you yet.


Anna - October 22

That os true RMP. With my first pregnancy I wasn't having any major symptoms of sickness till I hit the 2nd month sometime. Then I had a hard time keeping to food down and the fridge made me ill. It smelled like everything is roten in there. Yack!@!!


RMP - October 23

Many women also do not feel anything at all...I have a cousin that did not get any symptoms until her 7th you never know.


TO MJ - October 23

W ith my first child I had no symptoms until week8 and then it came thick and fast. It's the same old thing I'm afraid every woman is different and experieces different signs.You may not notice the signs as your working so hard ,I expect that if you did feel tired you would put it down to the work load anyway!


RMP - October 23

That could be the case; that you are working to much. You should atleast take it easy the first couple months.


MJ - October 23

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I plan on taking it easy very soon...cross country will be over next Saturday (TG!) Keep your fingers crossed...I will do the same for you! :o)


RMP - October 24

MJ: I will be praying for you that it will be positive!!! Hope to hear good news from you soon.



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