Pregnant Even Though Negative Urine Test

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lisa - September 10

My last period was May 28th. In the last couple weeks I have been peeing like crazy, stomach aches and some menstrual type cramping, Nausea and fatigue. I have br___t tenderness, but I usually do. I am only a few days late so i took 2 tests both negative, I've had 1 miscarrage before, and I'm worried I am pregnant or am I stessing and that making my period late?


Melissa - July 14

Did you ever get your period Lisa? I am curious because I have a similar situation except my last period was June 1 and I am at least 12 days late.


Zoe - July 28

Melissa I am about the same. I am curious as well. I am freaking out a bit actually and I am almost over two weeks late.


MO - August 5

Same with me. I'm 2 weeks late, pregnancy tests are negative but don't feel "normal". the doctor has been less than helpful and told me to "wait and retest". Ugh! I'm curious to know what happened with everyone else.


SC - August 8

Have had very very light spotting since the day my period was supposed to show up (six days ago). Tired, mood swings, increased appet_te, some queasiness, peeing a lot, sore and enlarged b___sts, bloating... but the pg test I took Saturday morning (yesterday) came out negative. My husband thinks I'm pregnant (both of us would be first-time parents). I'm not sure. Told him that if my period didn't start for sure by Monday a.m., I'd call the doctor. But the anxiety is killing me. I either want my period, or to be pregnant. Not floating in the middle.


Snowie - August 8

Im very curious because im feeling the same way,(b___bs look bigger but feel tender, sick feeling after i ate and when i woke up in the past two days, and lower tummy pains). But it isnt my monthy bill time tho. not for another week i think. Ive had intercourse 3 times in the last two weeks. Could i be? email [email protected]


snowie - August 8

p.s. and boy do i have to pee alot and ive never been like that before.


veronica - August 16

I haven't had my period since July 5th! and I've taken 3 urine pregnancy tests, all which resulted negative. I can't say that I've been feeling too bad. I've had a lot of dizziness and only a little bit of nausea. I have always been like clock work and never miss a month.


jo - August 19

i don't understand.if your last period was may 28th,then how could you be only a few days late?we're talking like over two months ago.but,anyway my period was due aug.1st,doctor did a pregnancy test on the was negative.i was told that the test he did would predict results a few days before my missed period,so obviously i was not pregnant,right?WRONG.i waited two weeks, took a test myself,and indeed i am pregnant. the doctor says the only reason my test would be is if i ovulated late or twice.well, i did ovulate when i was supposed to,because i had implantation spotting a week after my ovulation date.the thing is, every woman is see my hcg levels are apparently lower than normal and it took a while after my missed period for the test to detect a pregnancy.i knew for sure i had to be pregnant,this not being my first child,i just,my advice is this. if you want to know now and you don't start in a few days.get an appointment for a blood pregnancy test,or take extra care of your self wait a couple weeks and take another test.i had two neg.tests before the doctors neg. there you go,believe me negative does not always mean your not pregnant,even if a OBGYN says so!


Jamie - August 26

Thanks Jo! I have not had a period since July 15, and of course the tests are negative. But I do not feel or have any signs of starting my period. I have been nauseated, tired, and more thirsty than usual. I have slight b___st tenderness (but that is usual before a Aunt Mary comes to visit). I am going to wait until next week to see if I start before making an appointment to see the Doc. Thanks for the input.


Lisa C - August 27

My situation is just like veronicas, I was due on 9th July but now 3 weeks late. Ive also done 3 pregnancy tests and they are all negative. Dont feel too much different to normal but have felt bloated and very tired. I had a miscarriage back in April and it took a while for things to get back to normal but since then I have had 3 regular periods (until now).


Samantha - September 1

Hi I am a month and a few days late. i Come on my period ont he 28th every month well this month August I never came on so now I am 4 days late I took a test the day after I misse dmy period but it turned out neg. Iv never missed my period before and my husband thinks I may be too so we are going to wait I think another week and test again BUT! I am always different and Im afraid it will turn out neg like jo, I feel ok but I do remember feeling sick to my tummy when I went to see my husbands parents who lived 2 hrs away and all the way up I was sick and all the way down I felt sick and had to stop a few times to get some air though it did not help. I never ge tcar sick so I thought it was strange but wasn't for sure. I have large swollen b___st I even now have stretch marks on them and im pretty small but not any more. My nipples are bigger and a lot more darker. I do get cramps like im about to start but never do also when being with my husband after s_x my tummy feels like pins are in it sticking me and it really hurts. Also Iv gotten dizzie a few times and had to lay down due to it. Should I wait longe tto test because I tested right after my period and my g/f said she waited two month sna dit fianlly came up positive. any one can help please do Id love ot here your advice or info! thanks Samantha.


ROSIE - September 1



TINA - September 1

All of you make me feel a little better; I am 5 days late for my period and have taken 3 pregnancy tests all of them came back negative. I can't stand the waiting.


Kirsty - September 2

hi everyone, gee these sites are good, you can talk about stuff and know other people are going through it. Anyways, hubby and I have been trying the last few months have been off pill for 3rd month now, my period was due yesterday (not as long as some of you,) but it was still late and my cycle is 34 days! so if I am pregnant, I would be going onto like the 6th week. But the numerous (about 6 hpt) i've taken are negative, should I see the doc for a blood test? have had a few symptoms, sore/tender b___sts a little queazy and a lot hungrier and peeing a bit more. what do you think? HELP!!! I want a baby, dumb question, but I can't make my periods stop cause emotionally I want something, can I???


Tanya - September 2

Lisa Stress can cause you to miss a period, but if I were in your shoes, I would make a trip to the doctor's office and have them draw blood. They can do a Qualitative or Quantatative test thet will let you know for sure if you are pregnant and they can tell you how far along you are.


T. Hudler - September 2

I would like to just say to all of these women... if pregnancy is something you truly want.....Pray. God will bless those who faithfully seek him and his will. The bible promises us that if we ask in faith believing we will recieve. God wants to give his children the desires of their hearts. I was not suppose to be able to have children according to my surgeon. I had several problems with my female reproductive organs. I prayed for God to heal me of those problems and I claimed a healing in Jesus name and not only did I become pregnant, but God granted me the little blonde hair, blue-eyed girl I prayed for. My husband and I are now trying to give little Kenadie a sibling. We just started trying and my period is not due until September 6th but I am believing in faith that I am pregnant...even though the test said negative. Please be in prayer for me as I will lift your names up in my prayers. God Bless You!!



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