Pregnant Here Are My Symptoms

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Rebecca - October 24

I have had a positive test and wanted to let you know all my symptoms and signs for encouragement. I think I ovulated October 4 and my period was due Ocober 21. By October 7 I felt dizzy in the shower and was a very emotional (I usually NEVER cry). I also had cramps is my lower abdomen, like it was being stretched. This was my most obvious symptom, I hardly ever get period pain so the cramps made it obvious something different was happening. I have been craving salty foods. I didn't even notice this until my husband wanted some tomato and I realised I had eaten them all over the last few days - sliced and covered in salt! Also salted nuts, olives etc. Good luck to you all. Post an questions you want to ask and I will come back and try to answer.


Julie - October 24

Ive noticed that I have had a keen sense of smell. Wondering if that is a symptom. I was due on Oct 21 as well. i figured i had ovulated on the 8th though. I havent tested yet, I'm going to wait a couple more days I think. When did you test?


Rebecca - October 24

I first tested on 19 October using a sensitive test (10 MIU). I got an extremely faint band that I could only see if I turned the test a certain way in the light! Tried again on the 21st, but it was still faint. Tried today and the band was as dark as the control! Keen sense of smell if definitely a symptom. It was the first symptom a friend of mine had. Hope you're lucky! Let me know your result.


Lisa - October 24

I am due for AF tomorrow or the next day. I am still having LOTS of CM and it is still clear and stretchy. Did you have any changes or increases in your CM before you found out you were pregnant? I've also been feeling nauseous a bit and had a few cramps last week.


Lisa - October 24

Forgot to say........congrats!!!!!!


Lisa - October 24

I almost forgot this! I can smell farts from miles away! Even at the store, I can smell people! lol


anne - October 24

Well congrats! I am two weeks late and have taken two tests both negative. I don't know what to do, do I wait till next week and go to doctor or what? Thanks guys!!!


Rebecca - October 25

Lisa - I didn't notice my cm increased much before I found out. I know this is significant for lots of people so I was looking out for it, but nope, not with me. I did notice it stayed consistent, rather than decreasing just before my period like it usually does. I laughed when I read you fart comment. Today I had to move on the train as I swear the man on one side of me had the worst breath ever and the one standing in the aisle was farting terribly!!


Rebecca - October 25

Anne - If I was you I would go to the doctor and get a blood test. But only because I am very impatient and would want a definitive answer. Waiting is the worst. I wish you luck.


Char - October 25

hi sorry if im intruding but i just wanted 2 hear someone elses point of view on my situation.... My last proper period was 24th aug and although i came on on the 20th sept it was only for half a day and was extreamly light! since then i have found small ammounts of blood in my knickers. I have also been really tired lately and am sleeping at any given opportunity. i have movement in my stomach every now and again that feels like wind but isnt. my b___sts are not sore but have definatly increased in size, i am up and down emotionally im driving my boyfriend and family mad one minute i will be laughing the next crying then shouting about stuff for no reason. Also i have a constant metalic taste in my mouth and am eating sweets and chewing gum as if they are running out. My stomach is bloated and definatly looks bigger than usual but only a bit. please let me know what u think thanx x x x


Lisa - October 25

Maybe you need to fart. It sounds like a build up of gas. Just make sure if you are pregnant to run after you fart so that you won't have to smell it! lol!


Nicole - October 25

Congrats Rebecca!!! My CM has stopped a few days after O and now there is a thin white discharge yet there is no smell. We are hoping that I'm pregnant and my P is due Nov. 5, I'm exactly 28-30 days between my P, so we figured that I was O on the 18-21. I've been feeling dizy at times, lower pain, nausa and at times I'm so tired and then I stay up for hours. Some say that women around O may experience pain due to cysts and that may be thought of as pregnancy as well. I'm so confused and it's absolutly killing me not knowing. I'll keep everyone updated but to all of those who become prenant, Congrats !!


anne - October 25

You guys crack me up!!! I have been having the worst farts that my husband wants to divorce me-haha! I think if I don't get my af by Friday I will make an appt. for next tuesday. That will be 3 weeks late. I am afraid that something is wrong either with me or if I am pregnant with the baby. I know I am paranoid, that what my husband says. Bye for now!


Rebecca - October 26

I know waiting is all-consuming and frustrating. But, believe it or not I miss that now I know I'm pregnant. Agonising over whether I just over-ate or had morning sickness, was genuinely dizzy or just stood up too fast. Keep dishing it up!


kaysha - October 26

hello, congratulations on your pregnancy, the reason why i replied to your post is because it is a high possibility that i am pregnant..but im thinkin that it might be too early to tell, me and my bf had tried on 10/16/05-10/17/05 the calendar said i was ovulating around that time, but here are some of the things that ive been going threw for the past few days: watery mouth, like i want to vomit but i dont, funny feeling cramps in my stomach, weird headaches..what do you think? thank you and congrats again. :)


wondering - October 26

i have noticed that around my areola is swollen and has been for a few days .... is this a sign of pms? or pregnancy?


Marquisha - October 26

Well this is my story, I had a normal period Sept 16th. It came again on Oct 16th,but very weird, I would bleed and then it would stop and then some spotting. Extreme nausea and fatique ( missed a whole week of work) went to the doctor (negative) waited another week brought a test (negative) meanwhile I'm still nauseated, tired. my b___sts are growing and tingling, they bounce now. (I didn't have that before) I just feel weird, and this is 1 week after Oct 16th so I'm not having pms. What's wrong with me!!!!! Somebody help!



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