Pregnant Ladies Plz Answer

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Kerri - November 25

Ok.. for those of you who got your BFP Congrats!! could you please answer some questions for me? I O'd on Sunday the 20th and since then, I have had" backache, nauseated, CRAZY nightmares, sensitive smell, "pinch" pain in abdomen,..... is it too soon to have symptoms? Also, what should the cervix feel like after O'd and pregnant?? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Hmmmm - November 25

I'd say it's too early for those symptoms. I've heard of them a week after you O, but not a few days. Unfortunately, you now have to join many in the 2 week wait. It can be torture, but there are several threads of ladies waiting too and it's nice to have the support. Best of luck!


Steph - November 25

I actually started getting back pains and cramps the day i concieved...I am now 13 weeks.


Deb - November 26

I also agree that it is too early for those to be pregnancy symptoms. It takes 6 - 12 days past ovulation for the egg to implant and then it takes 3 - 4 days to build up enough hormone to be detected by an hpt. It is that hormone that causes symptoms. I'm not saying that you are imagining symptoms, what I am saying is that your symptoms are probably attributed to something else, like stress or an illness, etc. I am seven weeks pregnant and I didn't start to feel symptoms until my 6th week. Hope this helps, good luck!


To kerri - November 26

I only noticed (and still do sometimes) early is O type side twinges/throbbing on both sides. Besides that at about 6-7 days after O my bbs really starting hurting me almost like a burning sensation.


to Deb - November 26

Seriously I am not just saying this just a little fyi (friendly :-) I took an hpt at 9dpo and got a BFP and I am now 11 days pa__sed missed af (I think 24dpo) and still got a positive just a day ago. But I do agree that woman are ttc they look so hard into every twinge and muchle cramp when trying to O, and it may not be related to pregnancy.


well - November 26

cramping in early pregnancy has nothing to do with the hcg hormone, it is due to stretching of your uterus in oreparation for the pregnancy, so it is common to have cramping very early.


Kerri - November 26

Thank you all for your opinions. I also have been experiencing (tmi...warning) stinky urine and what seems to be chest pains. After I eat, I feel sick but have not thrown up. Today my temp was 99.8 I hope Im not getting sick; I REALLY want to take a test but afraid to see BFN!!!!!!


Ashley - November 26

please poas. The suspense is killing me! ; /


Jha - November 26

You all say that symptoms can take place as early as 1 week past o. I had a few symptoms like cramping and naseua, but do the symptoms continue or can they lessen. I have had no symptoms for at least a week and a half or so. Before AF i usualy always get cramps and sore bbs, but nothing.


Kerri - November 26

Ashley: You dont think its too early to poas? Im only 6 dpo and had a chemical pregnancy in Sept.


Ashley - November 26

let me double check my nursing books. I'll be right back.


Kerri - November 26

Ok.... im just really scared of being disappointed!!!


Kerri - November 26

Ashely: Did you check?


kerri - November 26

ashley. you still there?


Christy - November 26

Kerri... I ovulated 11/16 and about 3 days after I started noticing , increased cm, along with very sore b___sts, and crampimg every day and have only been nauseated once, Wed night. anyway I feel I may be reading to much in to it, but I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway. I have never had cramping after Ovulation before or sore b___sts this early, so we will see.Good luck to you and Lots of Baby Dust


Becky - November 27

you might want to wait a 4-5 days more before you test. it is still a little early yet. Good Luck.



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