Pregnant Maybe I Need Some Input Please Folks

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KJ - November 29

Ok well my last period was from October 27th through the 30th. It was very light and very short for me. I've always had abnormal periods. Usually I have extremely long periods, the longest lasted for about 15 days but normally about 8 days. I don't know why my periods are so long. So for me to have a period that only lasted 3 days was very strange to me. But now it's Nov 29th, making me two days late for AF. Last week, I had some cramps that felt like AF was on her way, but she never reared her ugly head. But this morning when I went to the bathroom, I stuck some toilet paper up inside of me, (I know, I know TMI) and there was a little bit of pinkish brown mixed with some clear stuff on the tip of the tp. It wasn't even there when I wiped normal, just if I stuck the tp inside of me. Don't ask me why I did that. But my question is, could that be the beginnings of AF or could I be pregnant? I've had alot of symptoms other than the two day missed period and my partner and I have had s_x everyday for the past week and on scattered accounts before that. We do not pull out or use protection, because we want to get pregnant. But even though I'm 2 days late, I took a test this morning and it was a BFN. So, any input would be appreciated. Thanks


bumpity - November 29



zuly - November 29

It could be that you are pg . Wait 14 days and take the test again. It would have been to soon to tell if you are pg. Some women go through that when they are pg.


Grandpa Viv - November 29

The pink and brown fits the description of implantation spotting, and the clear mucus is sometimes an early sign. That would be from conception a week or so ago. Keep your fingers crossed.


KJ - November 30

Thank you guys. Is it possible to become pregnant within a week before AF is due though? I mean, we had s_x all month long but we had s_x everyday the week before AF was due. I will just wait and take another test in a week or so and I will definately keep my fingers crossed.



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