Pregnant On The Pill Breakthrough Bleeding

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emmabear - November 7

Hi ladies, So my situation is this: I was pregnant in 2006 and had heavy bleeding from 8 weeks until 12 weeks, when I decided, due to a number of factors, to terminate the pregnancy. I was one of those people who had a constant 'period' the whole time, and was watched by the doctor. I bled heavily like a period for weeks and my doctor didn't seem concerned at all, since he figured as long as the ultrasounds looked okay, everything was fine. It was just too much for me mentally though, since it was a new relationship and not the right time, so. Anyways, now I've been on the pill for a year, and have had no interruptions. I've never had any problems with it. This month, though, whenever I miss a pill, I start bleeding immediately. In the past, if I missed, I would just take one the next day and be fine. Now, I was on the very end of my second week of pills, after having a four day bleed before the beginning of this pack, and I missed one pill. I started to cramp heavily, so much that it woke me up at night. I kept taking the pills for the next couple of days but the bleeding didn't stop. It is lighter than a period but red. My br___ts are sore and heavy, a symptom I don't usually get during my cycle at all. I am exhausted; went to bed at 8:30 last night. I have all the signs of pregnancy but I realize that they are also signs of being on/coming off the pill. I should start my third week of pills now and I think I might just stay off of them. I did have unprotected s_x once this month but I did miss a few pills. I doubled up when I realized they were missed, but around the time of the s_x, I missed one and didn't take another until the following night. I just don't know why I am having all of these symptoms all of a sudden since I've been on the pill for a year. I mean, I've missed pills in the past and my body hasn't responded like this at all. I don't know when a pregnancy test would show postiive, if I was indeed pregnant. The s_x was two weeks ago tomorrow, so even though I am having this light bleeding, should I take a test? Or should I wait for my expected period, which would show up in a week? Thoughts are welcome. Thank you!!


emmabear - November 7

Okay, so now I'm not bleeding anymore. I haven't taken any more pills and now I only have a very light pink discharge but only when I put tissue a bit inside of me to check. Nothing is actually coming out. Shouldn't I keep bleeding if I'm withdrawing from the pill? Should I still get my period in a week? Please help.


carlee - November 7

Hi emmabear. I would test if I were you, if for no other reason that to put your mind at ease. It's not as if being on the pill would affect HPT results. I've always wondered if you were to get pregnant on the pill, then you got your "period" when off of the active pills, if that would actually be an accurate sign that you were NOT pregnant. After all, it's only a withdrawal bleed from lack of hormones, and even pregnant women can get the same kind of thing (called "decidual bleeding") in the first 3 months as their hormones adjust. So I wouldn't count on the fake "pill period" as a definite sign of not being pregnant. Go ahead and test!



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