Pregnant Or Is It All In My Head Please Help

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Neveah Mai - July 12

I feel like an idiot even THINKING I feel pregnant already. Last saturday(7 days ago...almost 8) I had unprotected s_x, and after wards I calculated that I was ovulating. Today I feel quite a bit of cramping and pain in my uterus and in my left ovaries and occasionally in my right ovaries as well, and quite a bit of nausea, mainly at night(it gets really bad at night) but it is off and on through the day as well, and I noticed that my chest is sore and has pains in it through out the day as well, my chest get really bad pains every once in a while through out the day. I have also felt very exhausted like all the time...i swear i could sleep all day if i was allowed to and still be tired...I've also been getting headaches occasionally. I'm also more gassy than usual... and i have been feeling extra bloated and full but hungry at the same time.... A friend of mine noticed that i've been acting a bit more crabby,snappy and emotional as well... Besides that, I just FEEL pregnant. Do you think a woman could experience pregnancy symptoms only 7 days after conception? (It's still too early to take a test and i know there is no point, considering it will def. come out neg... My period isn't due till the 18th so i still have a while before i can test...)or do you think it's all in my head?? Please help... I don't want to be "that person" that believes every sypmtom means something, but something is up. Opinions???? Thanks


yumpop07 - July 16

sorry i can give you any advise but if it helps i feel the exact same way. i confided in my sister whom has 3 children about that same feeling and she says it is possible and not crazy when i told her how i was feeling.


kimberly - July 16

Its really hard to say this early, but lots of women on here say that they had signs right away. I have 3 kids and my first sign was always not having any signs. I usually get pms, sore bbs, and emotional before my periods and when I was pregnant I didn't have any of that, until about 6 weeks along. But, everyone is different and experiences pregnancy differently, so it is possible.


Neveah Mai - July 16

Thanks for your posts ladies... I tested 10DPO and got a negative and am now 12DPO and not testing again until i miss my period... if i miss... I'm hoping I just tested too early to get a positive result...


yumpop07 - July 16

i'll keep my fingers crossed and keep us posted :) lots of luck!



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