Pregnant Or Just Crazy

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Kate - February 15

I thought for sure that I was pregnant because I missed two periods and had most os the symtoms. I took a hpt last night and it came up negative. I would be considered 9 weeks pregnant right now. I have tingling in my br___t, softer bowels, go to the rest room in the middle of the night, flutters in my stomache, especially while laying down. What in the world could be going on, I even have mild cramps like AF is trying to come, but nothing happens. Do I have my dates mixed up, and might be too early to test? Please help?


Amie - February 15

Im 3 weeks pregnant i just found out a few days ago, I too have softer bowels and the feeling of either nausea or b___terflys in my stomach. Its normal to feel these things if u are pregnant. Many women experience different symptoms through out pregnancy. One woman might not have any symptoms while another woman has them all. I would go to a GYN and get some blood work done to get a positive answer. Also dont stress too much. stress can cause ur period to delay or even not show up. Hope i helped.


to amie - February 15

how did u find out so soon ,i mean i'm curious to know did u do any home preg test to find out ur preg coz 3 weeks preg is like u got to know bfr u missed af right ..we r ttc & i'm quite sure i have concived.pls let us know what brand test ur using & how early did u chk before ur af was due..


To Amie 2 - February 15

You know already!? Wow. How did you find out!? That would mean it was the week after ovulation...what test did you take? I want to get teh same one to try next time!


LAQUANDA - February 15



kate - February 15

Well with my first child, I did not get a positive test until I was 8 weeks. I had woke up with severe nausea, I felt so bad that I demanded another test even though the clinic said that I should wait atleast 2 weeks before testing again. After the test came back positive, I was in shock, well later in my pregnancy, after having an ultra sound, I found out that I was actually 3 weeks off. So sometimes you can test too early, I sure hope that this is the case with me again.


stephanie - February 15

hey were in the same boat have missed 2 periods had a positive hpt but doctor says i need blood work going tomorrow to get that done ttc since oct04..many symptoms nausea/b___terfliesbachaches,headaches,moody and itching from dry skin b___st tenderness but all of these things could be from a period comming she says is my blood work comes out negative there is a pill she will need to give to make my period come so..we are playing that waiting game together..goodluck and go to the doctor if you can..hope that helps..


stingfan - February 15

stephanie......i would just let my body regulate when my periods come, if you are indeed not pregnant. Those pills seem awful harsh.


kate - February 16

Stephanie, sure sounds like you could be pregnant, I know the waiting game sucks, but hang in there. Good Luck!



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